What Is Direct Sales?

Direct sales are different from other types of sales. Find out what are the hidden treasures of this approach and how to uncover them.

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Direct sales are the type of sales where a salesman communicates with the buyer directly and face to face, without involving any intermediaries or third parties.

Direct sales are also called personal sales. Most often, the sale takes place outside of a brand’s brick-and-mortar store at a place that is convenient for the buyer. It can be at the selling company’s office or the client’s office, a restaurant, or even at home. A specialist working in direct sales is known as a distributor or sales representative.

Here are three features of direct sales that distinguish them from other types of sales:

  • Direct contact with a client at a place convenient for them.
  • On-site presentation of a product/service.
  • Comprehensive consultation by a seller.

Advantages of Direct Sales

  • The meeting takes place in a rather informal, relaxed setting.
  • Direct sales are about personalization and an opportunity to adapt a product to the client’s needs.
  • Direct sales include simultaneous service and presentation, so a client gets an opportunity to test a product on-site before testing it.
  • Direct sales are an opportunity to establish trust-based relations with the client.
  • A salesman can get a clear assessment of how a potential buyer relates to the product.
  • They also get useful insights on what to improve to leave customers more satisfied with a purchase.

Types of Direct Sales

  • Single-level sales. A specialist gets a commission for product sales.
  • Multi-level sales. A company representative not only sells goods or services but also hires new specialists.

Direct Sales Methods

  • Individual sales. This method involves personal communication with the buyer. A sales specialist meets with clients in person or communicates with passers-by on the street to present their products.
  • Online sales. Selling products using official websites or social media accounts.
  • Presentations & parties. A company arranges a presentation in a semi-official environment, encouraging customers to chat and shop.

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