How Revenue Grid Helps Slalom Improve Revenue Performance


Thanks to Revenue Grid, we fixed leaks in our revenue generation process and grew our business despite challenging economic conditions.

Darren Knapp,
Director, Global Operations at Slalom Consulting

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Why did Slalom need Revenue Grid’s help?

After monitoring the revenue generation process, Slalom identified signs of potential revenue leaks
and contacted Revenue Grid to fix them.


Calculate your leakage

Calculate your leakage

How did Slalom identify​ and fight revenue leakage?​


Invisible relations


With contact data stuck in Outlook, Slalom lacked relationship visibility and couldn’t do account planning, leading to missed opportunities and lower win rates.

How did we fix it?​

Using Automated Activity Capture, Slalom detected unsaved contacts in Outlook, assigned them to existing accounts, and auto-created new contacts to ensure complete data in Salesforce.


Over 3x increase in the number of contacts auto-created

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Not enough sales meetings


A cumbersome scheduling process hindered the sales team from setting up enough meetings to achieve sales and revenue goals.

How did we fix it?​

Using Revenue Grid’s Sales Sequences Slalom automated outreach to sales contacts. Then they accelerated scheduling through advanced features like Book Me and Time Slots.


The number of contacts salespeople ​could serve increased by over 2.5x​

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Not enough consultants


Slalom couldn’t hire consultants fast enough to staff projects due to a time-consuming hiring process.

How did we fix it?​

Revenue Grid’s scheduling features allowed the Slalom team to set up interviews quickly. Book Me eased sharing availability, while Time Slots let invitees pick the best time without emailing back and forth.

  • Time spent scheduling interviews dropped by over 80%
  • The number of meetings with LinkedIn candidates went up by 30%

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Optimize sales processes


Slalom wanted the sales team to follow the right sales process by ensuring they send pre/post meeting emails, ​involve product and industry experts ​in the opportunity planning,​ and populate deal planning fields​.

How did we fix it?​

Slalom decided to digitalize its sales coaching with Revenue Signals, actionable AI notifications that guide the team through the next best action and ensure they follow the right process.

  • 1% increase in the number of meetings = $30M increase in sales​
  • 1% increase in conversion rate = $60M increase in sales

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What did Slalom achieve?

Saving contact data stuck in Outlook to Salesforce increased the number of auto-created contacts by over 3x and provided visibility for relationship planning.

Features like Book Me and Time Slots accelerated the scheduling process so that the sales team could serve over 2.5x more contacts, and the hiring team had over 30% more interviews with candidates.

Despite challenging economic conditions, Slalom grew its business by solving revenue leaks.

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We gained the time our team lost setting up meetings. As they can serve more customers now, we avoid revenue leaks and see higher win rates.

  • 3x
    increase in the number of contacts auto-created
  • 2.5x
    increase in the number of contacts served
  • 80%
    decrease in the time spent scheduling meetings
  • 30%
    decrease in meeting numbers with LinkedIn candidates

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