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Revenue Inbox is a class-leading enterprise plugin for integrating
your Salesforce Partner Community with your Outlook or Gmail

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Give your Salesforce Partner Community
members a real Salesforce experience

Auto-capture data to the CRM

Automatically save emails to Salesforce. Sync contacts, calendars, attachments, and tasks between your Inbox and Salesforce.
Don’t worry – your private emails and events stay private.

  • Capture emails and attachments
  • Automatically link records and create contacts
  • Sync according to your rules and blacklists
  • Eliminate manual data entry in Salesforce

Use Salesforce from Inbox

View, edit or create Salesforce data without actually being in Salesforce. Display exactly what you want to see while honoring all the rules, filters, permissions and privacy settings.

  • Work in Salesforce right out of your Inbox
  • Customize what objects, fields or views you see
  • View contextually related Salesforce records
  • Create, edit or link custom objects

Better Calendaring

Stop the back-and-forth with multiple calendars, attendees and time zones. Know what happens to emails after you hit send. Shorten sales cycles and improve Salesforce adoption.

  • Track email open and click rates
  • Share a personal booking page with time slots
  • Rule-based sync of attendees and appointments
  • Highly configurable and enterprise oriented

Free implementation services

Let us take care of the onboarding process. We’ll work with you regardless of
your plan, application or deployment size.

Delivering on our promises

  • 33%

    ensures growth of CRM
    business data

  • 24%

    boosts CRM utilization

  • 18%

    increase sales productivity

  • 32%

    improves sales reporting

We take Enterprise seriously


We guarantee a smooth adoption of your Revenuegrid
intance with your Salesforce Partner Community instance.

  • We learn all about your business, team, goals
    and expectations.
  • Quick proof-of-concept demonstrations,
    user-acceptance testing and roll-out assistance.
  • Constantly collect your feedback and roll
    out product improvements.

Customer service

We thoroughly research the unique workflows and needs of our
customers to ensure successful experience with Revenuegrid.

  • We offer unlimited technical support that
    covers you 365/7/24.
  • Free access to knowledge base, training and
  • Ongoing customer success services for
    organizations of any size and complexity.


We have decades of experience building and implementing enterprise-level solutions
with privacy and data security in mind. We never store any of your Salesforce, Exchange
or Google data.

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  • logo-GDPR
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  • logo-PrivacyShield

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