How Vapotherm saved 761 sales
rep days with Revenue Grid

Vapotherm Inc. is a publicly held medical device manufacturer founded in 1999 and based in New Hampshire.
Its breakthrough technology has changed the lives of over 1 million patients


Emails auto-captured and saved to Salesforce


Saved person-days for the sales team


Money saved in costs and expenses


Calendar events auto-captured and synced

Revenue Grid turned out to be of great help for our sales
reps, and lived up to our expectations in all respects


Vapotherm’s main requirements were to automate logging emails to Salesforce and sync Salesforce and Outlook calendars. Logging thousands of emails manually wasted a lot of productive time; the same held true for managing calendar activities.


With automatic data capture, reliable calendar sync, and a slew of email productivity features, Revenue Grid was a perfect fit for Vapotherm’s team. The team was able to fully customize the layout of the Inbox Sidebar to the needs of the field reps, allowing them to access and use right customer data at the right moment.


With Revenue Grid, in just the first year Vapotherm auto-captured 110,000 emails and 27,000 calendar events. Based on their business data, the company saved 761 person-days that would have been otherwise wasted on manual data entry. This allowed Vapotherm to save over $175,000 in costs and expenses.

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