Sales Analytics

for tracking sales team performance

Get a bird’s eye view of all your reps’ activities. See the state of each reps’ forecasted
pipeline, find out what your top-performing reps are doing and which activities they
spend the most time on.

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Revenue Grid is a must-have, especially for remote sales teams like mine. It’s gives you a visual represenatation of the activities each member of the team are focusing on and how they directly impact the pipeline.

I can see who’s sending more emails, spending more time in meetings, and more. It’s incredible because I don’t have to keep asking what everyone is up to every time.

Petra E., Sales Manager

Empower your sales team to bring on its A-game

Get an overview of your sales team’s activities

Use the sales team tracking software to gain clarity on who your top performers are, what each rep on your team is up to, and how much time they spend on each activity.

  • Identify top-performing reps on your team
  • Track the number of activities per rep with sales team tracker
  • See the time each of your reps spend on each activity

See the true state of each rep’s forecasted pipelines

Find out the actual state of forecasted revenue per team member. Identify which of your reps’ forecasted pipelines is on track, stalling, or at risk.

  • Quickly spot which reps are on track
  • Identify reps with inaccurate pipeline forecasts
  • See how much of the forecasted pipeline is unlikely to close

Help your team gain better control of the sales process with Signals

Create actionable Signals that alert your team to the next best steps in the sales process. Help your team focus on activities that improve efficiency.

  • Create your own Revenue Signals for each deal or each rep
  • Get instant notifications about changes in your pipeline
  • Assign specific Signals to each team to provide focus

Draw insights from your team’s response to Signals

See exactly how each rep on your team responds to Signals. Use sales analytics to discover if your team works well with Signals and which alerts make a greater impact on their performance.

  • Get a visual representation of your reps’ response to Signals
  • See the total number of Signals per rep
  • See which reps act more on Signals
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