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Why choose Revenue Grid as your sales coaching software?

Designed for:

  • Middle management
  • Sales enablement
  • Sales reps

Sales Coaching software is a top priority for the highest-performing Sales Managers, according to Gartner. They also say that just 1 month after training, only 13% of what was trained remains in use.

That’s why sales team is choosing Revenue Grid sales coaching software to set up and manage the sales process with AI-based Revenue Signals: implement changes, have your team follow the steps, and measure the impact. Our sales coaching software helps to analyze and gain clarity on your sales team activity and guide reps in the right direction. As a result, you’ll completely revamp old model of ineffective verbal coaching, shorten sales cycles and ramp up reps 42% faster.

Sales coaching software like you’ve
never tried before

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Faster Ramp-up

Coach digitally with sales training software

Use Revenue Grid sales coaching software to replace old, ineffective verbal coaching with automated, personalized coaching that uses actionable insights to nudge reps toward the right action at the right time and plays according to your rules

  • Help your team follow through with steps they need to take
  • Use data and insights from AI-analysis in your coaching
  • Replace “interrogation” with a straightforward coaching process

Shorter Sales Cycle

Provide focus and remove guesswork

Guide your reps in each deal with coaching software tool and help them find the right focus for their efforts. Use interactive, contextual Revenue Signals to show them what to do now, who to engage at each moment, and in what way

  • Help sales reps gain the right focus
  • Guide them through the sales cycle
  • Arm them with an actionable, prioritized list of steps

coaching sales reps

coaching sales reps - revenue grid

Conversational Intelligence

Share best practices and tactics with a sales coaching tool

Apply Revenue Grid sales coaching software to uncover the conversational patterns that lead to won or lost opportunities and compare them per rep and team. Share best practices, keywords, messages, and tactics that have the greatest impact

  • Coach on best practices and specific use cases
  • Share tactics that have the greatest impact
  • Coaching sales reps to help them gain a better understanding of your customers and market

Greater Visibility

Correlate coaching, performance, and results

Understand what makes your top reps top, see how coaching works for others, and help
your whole team succeed. Measure the effort each member of your team makes and
correlate it to their win rates

  • See how well your coaching works and track which steps are followed
  • Find correlations between efforts and results
  • Improve your coaching and help your reps succeed