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How a multi-billion dollar bank enhanced customer relationships with streamlined online scheduling

  • +50%
    new meetings per quarter
  • 15+
    hours saved per banker per week
  • 10X
    auto-captured calendar events in Salesforce

Lightning Scheduler was causing double-booked appointments in Salesforce & Outlook, creating bootlenecks in interaction with clients. Thanks to Revenue Grid, we solved all the conflicts in calendars we were experiencing.

Head of CRM, US Bank



This commercial bank deals with high net-worth individuals and businesses on a daily basis, placing life-long relationships with clients at the center of its strategic development.

Back in 2019, the bank invested a lot of time and effort into deploying Salesforce Lightning, aiming to optimize appointments and schedules across multiple business units and connect to customers in a personalized way.

When the bank decided to transition to online scheduling, Lightning Scheduler proved unable to solve their growing scheduling problems. That’s when they found Revenue Grid.

Streamlining online scheduling

Lightning Scheduler was causing conflicts in the bank’s calendars because it didn’t check real-time availability in both Salesforce and Outlook. A mere inconvenience before, it became a nightmare once the pandemic hit.

Double-booked appointments led to wasted time, operational ineffectiveness, and worst of all, frustrated customers.

Connecting multiple business units

The bank’s complex internal structure made the problem especially difficult. They had multiple business units across the world with their own customized Salesforce instances, but they needed their joint support staff to be able to view the combined calendars of all personnel.

The financial institution needed a solution that could unite calendars and scheduling in a single environment so that support staff could freely schedule meetings on anyone’s behalf.

Maintaining security standards

On top of everything, the bank needed a solution that would meet the highest security standards. By default, most native sync solutions store administrator credentials in the Cloud and allow Salesforce to view and/or manage data from all users.

This was not an option. The US bank needed to be sure that everything was as secure as possible.

’We wanted to streamline online scheduling across the whole bank. A better experience with scheduling ultimately meant better service for the customer

’I was impressed by Revenue Grid’s ability to meet our bank’s data privacy & security standards



The implementation process went smoothly. Revenue Grid solved the problem of conflicting appointments with Lightning Scheduler Adapter, ensuring the most secure integration with Salesforce available to financial services.

Deployment flexibility

The bank needed to host all data-related software on premises to ensure that they met their security and privacy requirements. The need for secure customer data deters deter them from looking at other sync solutions.

Revenue Grid guaranteed the bank’s ability to maintain their customer’s privacy and security, meeting all deployment requirements.

Data confidentiality

Each of the bank’s business units had high confidentiality requirements because of the sensitive information and projects they were entrusted with.

Revenue Grid provided enhanced confidentiality of meeting attendees and other information by enforcing access based on the role hierarchies and account teams inside of Salesforce.

Revenue Grid ensured that meetings set as confidential or private in Outlook were only visible in Salesforce to people directly associated with that meeting or event.

Revenue Grid’s Lightning Scheduler Adapter aligned calendars across the bank’s multiple business units and brought customer relationships to a new level



Revenue Grid helped the bank to streamline online scheduling and unite all of its business units’ calendars into a single Salesforce environment without making any sacrifices when it came to the bank’s high data security.

In a 90-day period, bankers were able to save an average of 15 hours of productive time per week after implementation. The number of new meetings increased by 50%, bringing in more business for the bank, with 10x growth in the number of calendar events auto-captured and synced.

Revenue Grid helped the commercial bank strengthen their relationships with valuable, high net-worth clients

  • 10x
    auto-captured calendar events in Salesforce
  • +50%
    new meetings per quarter
  • +15 hours
    hours saved per banker per week

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