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Partner Programs

Referrals and Resellers

Growing revenue is your first priority, both for your company and for your clients. Revenue Grid makes revenue growth second nature. Average ROI for our toolsets exceed 250%.

Bring the advantage of Revenue Grid products to the world’s leading sales teams, and receive a generous commission for each sale.

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ISV Partners

From Salesforce integration to sales sequences and even guided selling, Revenue Grid products bring your users total control.

Bring the power of Revenue Grid products to your customers by integrating our functionality into your software or bringing white-labelled products to your brand.

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How does Revenue Grid work

Automate data

Gather complete data about your deals, prospects, and engagements automatically.

Auto-save all touchpoints to Salesforce

Auto-create and link leads and contacts

Customize to match your sales process

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Gain visibility into

Allows you to see through every aspect of your sales process to better drive revenue

Spot deals stalling, or at risk and reasons behind them

See through sales activities of your team

Find correlations between activities and results

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Replace guessing
with guidance​

Use interactive Revenue Signals to guide your team push deals through the sales cycle faster

Guide reps with automated nudges for next best step

Automate playbook execution at scale

Help your team stay on top of the game

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A complete revenue-growth
and sales enablement toolset

  • CRM automation

    Reps spend less time on data entry with auto-capture, and less time getting information from Salesforce thanks to our integrations

  • Actionable deal guidance

    Intelligent signaling tools work with you to help reps get to every necessary step on time and close more deals successfully

  • Automated sales engagement

    More than email automation—smarter cadences mean more converted leads and fewer missed opportunities

  • Accurate reporting

    Fresh data and real-time analytics provide on-demand visualizations of any aspect of your team, communications, opportunities or pipeline

  • Deep pipeline inspection

    See more than Salesforce Opportunities—check the health of every deal (and what needs to be improved) at a glance

  • Team activity tracking

    With access to email, calendar and Salesforce data, Revenue Grid displays the activity of each rep so you can scale the best performing strategies

What our partners are saying
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The feedback from our
customers on Revenue Grid
has been great.

Terry Dohrmann
Chief Revenue Officer

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