Revenue Signals
are the heart of Guided Selling

Revenue Signals are interactive, contextual alerts that put the “guide” into Guided
Selling. They induce action by nudging your team to do exactly what needs to be done,
when it needs to be done

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What are Revenue Signals?

Designed for:

  • Entire sales org

Revenue Signals are contextual, actionable notifications that tell your whole sales org what is going well or poorly throughout your whole sales process.

These alerts and notifications are called Signals, because they are designed to signal the sales team about the next best step they should take now, or about anything that doesn’t go according to plan in the pipeline, process, or performance.

They are the driving force behind Guided Selling because they give sales teams an instrument to remove guesswork, control each point in the sales process, and set a unified sales approach.

How Revenue Signals guide everyone
on your team

Playbook Suggestions

Help your reps follow playbooks

Revenue Signals allow your sales team to automate playbooks and practices that work best for your sales org. They will alert your reps to the next step they should take and nudge them to do it now

  • Gain more controllability over the sales process
  • Shorten the time needed for ramping up newcomers
  • Eliminate guesswork and prioritize actions



AI Recommendations

Get data-driven insights each
step of the way

AI-based Signals will alert your team to any changes in your deals, pipeline, or customer communication. Understand what actions bring the best results and scale them. Know when a deal is about to stall and turn it around fast. All based on complete sales data, all in real time

  • Alerts on deals at risk, silent deals, or deals about to stall
  • AI-driven insights on what works best in each scenario
  • Notifications on shifts in important sales metrics
Sales Process Agility

Cover every part of your sales

Set up Revenue Signals to guide your sales team in each part of your process, in every use case or scenario. Align your team around one goal and help them act in unison

  • Cover any stage, process, and scenario
  • Coordinate and align diverse revenue teams
  • Shape Revenue Signals to fit your sales organization’s needs

Signals From Other Systems

Connect to all sales systems and tools

Connect all of the sales systems and tools your teams use like Zoom, Eventbright, or Stripe. Capture all business-related data from them and use it to build Signals. It works the other way as well: receive your Signals in the tool you use, like MS Teams or Slack. Bonus: all data will be automatically logged to Salesforce

  • Capture complete data and log to Salesforce automatically
  • Build Revenue Signals on data from any tool your team uses
  • Have Signals appear in tools your teams use most, like Slack or Teams
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