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platform for Enterprises

Get started with Revenue Grid and expand your enterprise engagement
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Enterprise is in our DNA

Everthing enterprises need to win deals, solve engagement challenges, and grow
revenue, in one place

  • Enterprise-ready, all-in-one platform

    Coordinate and align diverse revenue teams and provide
    AI-driven insights at each step of the enterprise sales process

  • Flexibility with 100% customization

    We can attune the platform, products, and deployment to any of
    your requirements. The sky is the limit

  • Best-rated support

    We respond to our customers’ requests efficiently and on
    time, and our clients appreciate how we meet their needs

  • No-brainer onboarding

    All Revenue Grid products are simple from the first
    step. Start easily, work easily every day.

  • All Community licenses support

    Our platform works uniformely with every existing
    Salesforce Community license

  • Security foremost

    Revenue Grid doesn’t store your Saleforce or
    personal data, only acts as a means of transfer.

How enterprises benefit from using Revenue Grid

  • 33%

    More data in your CRM

  • 24%

    More CRM usage enterprise-wide

  • 10hours

    Saved by one employee per week

  • 24%

    Higher engagement response rate

  • 21%

    Faster revenue growth

What our clients & partners say

How Morgan & Morgan resolves
Customer Cases 20% faster

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What is enterprise sales?

The enterprise sales is the sale of large contracts to large revenue enterprises. The size of an enterprise is the first factor that distinguishes it from small- and medium-sized businesses. As the largest type of business, an enterprise sales cycle includes:

  • A 5+ month sales cycle
  • Several stakeholders
  • A lengthy negotiation period
  • High-value contracts

Enterprise sales have a higher level of risk than SMBs, because they involve large-scale corporate solutions. What can help sales teams leverage their sales process and close high-revenue deals with long-term corporate partners and clients?

For a B2B business model, the success of an enterprise sale crucially depends on the company’s ability to implement an effective sales strategy and follow-through on the process. Revenue Grid’s Guided selling features help companies to leverage their enterprise engagement.

increase in employee satisfaction

Revenue Grid has been improving our joint customers’ efficiency by integrating directly with Office 365 and Outlook.

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