We’ve raised $20M to revolutionize Revenue Intelligence

Revenue Grid has raised $20 million in Round A funding led by W3 Capital

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Inside the investment round

What has impressed us the most about Revenue Grid is their level of technology and product advancement and their innate understanding of the Sales and Revenue functions within organizations.

Steve Wadsworth

Steve Wadsworth

Partner at W3 Capital

Revenue Grid is a very interesting company as they look at optimizing sales processes in a very innovative way….

Bob Stutz

Bob Stutz

Board Member at Revenue Grid,
President of Customer Experience at SAP

What does it mean for you and your sales team?

Revenue Grid is revolutionizing Revenue Intelligence helping you shift your sales tech stack from “the view mode”
to the “do mode” and turn your CRM data actionable

More visibility into your
complete revenue cycle

Gain real-time pipeline visibility. Now you can easily spot gaps in your pipeline, deals progressing or at risk and act on them before they go south

Better insights extracted with AI and Guided Selling

Use AI and Guided Selling to easily visualize your reps’ engagement and data across your entire sales process. Gain insights to better understand your team activities and performance

More actionable Signals to guide your team across the sales cycle

Nudge your team towards the next best step to accelerate your sales process with actionable Signals that alert your team about any changes in your deals, pipeline, or customer communication

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