#1 Salesforce Outlook Plugin

Automate data and activity capture to schedule more meetings with ease

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Why Revenue Grid is the best Salesforce integration tool for Outlook?

Get real-time insights, single-click meeting booking, and customization of Salesforce objects directly in Outlook with Salesforce Add-in for Outlook.

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outlook to salesforce plugin

Smart Data Auto-Capture

Sync emails, calendars, contacts, attachments and tasks from Outlook to Salesforce and vice versa.

The sync engine is a server component, meaning it works when Outlook is closed. There is no need for any manual input, and your CRM data always will be up to date.

  • Automatic
  • Stable
  • Rule-based
  • Two way or one way sync

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Complex meeting scheduling simplified

Every meeting requires planning. More often than not, it involves long email strings, accidental double-booking and other time wasters. RevenueInbox puts scheduling meetings in the palm of your hand with its Scheduling Assistant. The best part is how easily it allows you to share your availability, letting others book your meetings with a single click.

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salesforce for outlook plugin

salesforce plugin for outlook

View and update your Salesforce data, directly from Outlook / Gmail

RevenueInbox pulls data from your Salesforce leads, contacts, opportunities, and even custom objects, right to your Outlook / Gmail sidebar. You can view and edit them in one click. The layout is highly customizable, so you can easily specify which objects, fields, and views of your Salesforce instance you want to be shown in the sidebar.

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View and update your Salesforce data directly from Outlook

Use it to display data from your Salesforce leads, contacts, opportunities, and even custom objects in your Outlook sidebar for viewing and editing. The plugin’s layout is highly customizable, so you can easily specify which objects, fields, and views from Salesforce you want to see in your sidebar. Revenue Grid offers both Salesforce Gmail integration and Outlook integration for your convenience.

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outlook salesforce plugin

Try #1 Salesforce and Email & Calendar integration today

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How to boost productivity with Salesforce Outlook Plugin?

Download the Salesforce Outlook plugin to boost your team’s productivity with the complete CRM automation tool. Salesforce plugin for Outlook 365 helps your reps spend less time entering data and switching between the two applications. So, they can focus more on what matters most: sales.

Salesforce for Outlook plugin lets you access and manage Salesforce data from your email inbox. You can also save emails, contacts, and events from your email to Salesforce. By having everything they need in one place, Salesforce Add-in for Outlook helps your reps engage with customers more efficiently.

With Salesforce extension for Outlook, you can configure activity capture to suit your team’s workflows. Increase your team’s efficiency with Salesforce View and custom object support and let them create activity auto-log rules to initiate Salesforce processes.