Why use Revenue Grid as a pipeline management software?

Check pipeline health in seconds

Get a bird’s-eye view of your deals pipeline using our organized layout, complete with real-time synchronized data. Quickly understand which deals are moving, stalled, or at risk without having to dive into each deal or interrogate your team.

  • See the status of each deal and the reasons behind it
  • Get alerts on changes in deal sizes, close dates, and scores
  • Track activity flow between reps and their prospects and accounts

Check pipeline health in seconds

sales pipeline

Spot risks in your pipeline at a glance

Your pipeline is only as healthy as each deal in it. Use sales pipeline management software to surface deals at risk and stalled opportunities before they become unwinnable and get your team to turn them around

  • Spot risks in your pipeline at a glance
  • Understand reasons behind poor scores and get actions to fix them
  • Use Revenue Signals to coach on deals and watch them turn green immediately

How to optimise sales performance and hit revenue targets

See where and why revenue leaks may happen within your pipeline at a glance with the Salesforce-native out-of-the-box Revenue Leaks Funnel. Help sales and RevOps teams to Understand what has changed since the previous weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly pipeline review with a single click.

  • Get a real-time look at how your opportunities progress from one stage to the other
  • Get a detailed overview of the conversion of opportunities between stages
  • Spot and measure the value of the revenue leaks at each opportunity stage

pipeline management

pipeline software

Get full visibility into pipeline changes

Bring unique visibility to your sales pipeline for more predictable revenue. Pipeline evolution reports allow sales leaders to see the pipeline growth during a selected period.

  • See the total pipeline value at the beginning and end of a selected period
  • Check the amount of opportunities per stage
  • Understand the Forecast Category and Opportunity Stage relationship

How does Revenue Grid’s pipeline management software work?

Revenue Grid’s pipeline management software seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM and communication systems. It automatically captures and centralizes all sales activities, communications, and related data, providing a single source of truth for your sales processes.

Once the data is collected, the software with the help of AI identifies patterns, opportunities, risks, and bottlenecks in your sales pipeline, providing actionable insights for sales teams and leaders. Based on the insights generated, the software enables sales teams to take informed actions.

deal pipeline
Provides insights to win rate increase
sales pipeline management
Captures and centralizes sales data
pipeline reports
Analyzes data with AI

How does Revenue Grid pipeline management software impact your sales and revenue?

  • 12%

    Win rate increase in the first year
  • 16%

    Deal slippage reduced by
  • 21%

    Sales velocity increased by

What our customers say about Revenue Grid pipeline management tool?

pipeline Forecasting

Revenue Grid’s seamless CRM integration eliminated the challenges we faced with data organization and pipeline management. By streamlining our entire sales process, it allowed our teams to focus on what truly matters – building lasting relationships with clients and closing deals.

Shlomi S.,
Enterprise Accounts Manager

pipeline reports

With Revenue Grid I could have such reports out-of-box. I can clearly se what’s happening in my team’s pipeline and make a plan for improvements in the process. I like how easily I can find and sort data, and look at it from different perspectives. It gives me really good visibility into my entire pipeline.

Catherine P.,
Account Manager at StarWind Inc.

There is more to Revenue Grid than pipeline management software

Sales forecasting

Revenue Grid’s advanced sales forecasting tool lets you base forecasts on real deal closure odds, uncover pipeline risks, and align actual and projected revenue in real-time.

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Team analytics

Analyze and gain clarity on your sales team’s activities. Get an overview of your team’s activities, see the true state of your reps’ forecasted pipeline, and help your team find focus easier.

Learn more

Pipeline visibility

Visualize your pipeline to reveal actionable sales insights. See the true state of your pipeline, track any significant changes in real-time, and spot risks before they go south.

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Gain unique visibility into your pipeline

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Before you ask, here’s our pipeline management software FAQ

Sales pipeline software is any tool that a company uses to move, track, or analyze potential customers through the stages of a sale. It helps them keep track of their prospects and customers, and it allows them to see where they are in the sales funnel.

Sales pipeline management software has another important set of features: tracking, improving, and reporting on the performance of sales representatives. For example, a tool can be used to automate tasks, like sending follow-up emails or scheduling appointments. And if all that’s not enough, many software products include features that help salespeople close more deals, such as customer relationship management (CRM) tools or analytics.

1. Accelerates sales acquisition – step-by-step processes always speed up conversion times. The faster you can convert, the lower your CAC (customer acquisition cost). Lower CAC means more revenue for the business

2. Speeds up lead management – less time spent on mundane tasks means more time dedicated to leads and more personal experiences for prospects.

3. Provides full-funnel visibility – setting up the next meeting with a prospect is great, but if you don’t have the big picture, then you don’t know how many meetings you need to make a sale. Sales pipeline software shows you the full scope of the sales funnel.

4. Optimizes sales engagement – no more trying to figure out the perfect time for a call, email, or get-together with your prospects — your sales pipeline lays out all your best interaction practices so you can close more deals.

5. Leverages sales data – when you can easily see how quickly prospects move through different sections of your pipeline, you can zero in on key conversion points and strategize for success.

6. Boosts productivity – you can’t check things off your to-do list if you don’t know what to prioritize. Sales pipeline software lays out your step-by-step conversion process so that you always know what task lies five steps ahead.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Revenue Grid sales pipeline software gives you a full-featured platform that stores your clients’ data in one central place and scores and ranks them according to chances of closing. Your sales can access this database across multiple devices whenever they want and update data without having to switch between multiple platforms.

But Revenue Grid’s sales pipeline management capabilities don’t stop there. Let’s take a closer look at some of its features:

The pipeline visibility tool allows you to visually see the pipeline and opportunities at any particular moment. From this visual approach, you can quickly develop actions that fill up your sales pipelines with more opportunities. You’ll be looking at the entire pipeline with pipeline management tool, as opposed to specific deals.

Intelligent team analytics reports show you advanced insights into your sales team’s productivity. How many deals is a particular sales rep handling in their pipeline? Given that rep’s win rate, do they have enough leads and deals to achieve sales targets? You can see the progress of their past and current activities to predict their future performance.

Revenue signals provide your sales reps with direct insights into deals at risk and what actions should be conducted to turn them around fast. When you know how long a deal takes to make it through the pipeline and how long it should take for a deal to make it through each stage of that pipeline, you’ve got a fairly accurate sales process.