Real-time sales pipeline management

Gain absolute pipeline visibility and know exactly where your quota numbers stand in real
time. Track changes and shifts, manage your pipeline, and stay ahead of the curve

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What is sales pipeline visibility?

Designed for:

  • Sales leadership
  • Sales management
  • Sales operations

Pipeline visibility provides understanding into the actual state of the sales pipeline at any particular moment.

For sales leadership, it means being able to track key deals, numbers, and thresholds in real time at each sales pipeline stage, and understanding why the situation is the way it is and where to move to get to the numbers you need.

All in a matter of seconds.

Visibility into your sales pipeline has never
been this absolute

Sales Pipeline Tool

See the pipeline for the trees

Quickly understand which deals are moving, stalled, or at risk without having to dive into each deal or interrogate your team. Immediately see the status of each deal and the reasons behind it using sales pipeline management tools.

  • Check sales pipeline health and key metrics in a matter of seconds
  • Understand reasons behind opportunity scores
  • Identify which commitments are accurate, and what requires attention



Sales Pipeline Management

Track pipeline shifts

Track any significant changes in your pipeline in real-time with sales pipeline tracking. Get alerted to shifts in any threshold numbers, like drops in the committed pipeline or total deal amount, and address the situation immediately

  • Get alerts on changes in deal sizes, close dates, and scores
  • Track activity flow between reps and their prospects and accounts
  • Access complete data collected from your sales technology stack


Opportunity Scoring

Catch deals at risk before they go south

Your pipeline is only as healthy as each deal in it. Surface deals at risk and stalled opportunities before they become unwinnable and get your team to turn them around

  • Spot risks in your pipeline at a glance
  • Understand reasons behind poor scores and get actions to fix them
  • Use sales pipeline signals to coach on deals and watch them turn green immediately
Increasing Win Rates

Go through next steps for key deals

Trust the numbers, your committed pipeline, and close dates for each deal. Thanks to AI and automatic data and activity capture, what you see is what you get. No more siloed data, no more overpromises

  • See what next steps are scheduled for key deals
  • Access key sales metrics for each deal without having to dive deep
  • Inspect committed deals and understand what’s overpromised


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