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Automatically update your Salesforce 24/7
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With Revenue Grid, you can automatically capture all sales activities and client data directly from your Gmail Inbox, always keeping your CRM data up to date.

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Capture data automatically with Gmail Salesforce Connector

Revenue Grid’s auto-capture feature lets you collect data from your emails, business meetings, tasks, and more to store in multiple Salesforce records simultaneously. Automatically create new objects in Salesforce that include data from your Gmail inbox.

Update CRM data
directly from your Inbox

Use Email Sidebar to manage your CRM data directly from your Gmail Inbox. Easily view and update any Salesforce record without leaving your Inbox. Save selected emails to any record in your CRM.

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Synchronize Salesforce and Google Calendars

When you update an event in one calendar, the changes will be automatically applied in the other. Revenue Grid updates your Salesforce calendar with only business events, keeping your private meetings private.


Schedule meetings on the go

Streamline your scheduling tasks. With Revenue Grid, you can easily insert clickable time slots from Google Calendar in your email or share your availability in a link, allowing your leads and prospects to choose the time that works best for them.

Schedule meetings on the go
Schedule meetings on the go
Schedule meetings on the go

Revenue Grid is the leading Salesforce Gmail integration

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