Sync your Salesforce and Outlook
calendars in one click

Automatically sync and unify calendars between Salesforce and Outlook or Gmail. Share your availability
with your team members and sync group calendars and recurring events without a hitch.

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Revenue Grid’s quick sync feature is my favorite. It keeps me connected with Salesforce right from Outlook.  I also love the functionality to schedule meetings by giving someone options which is very helpful. My team has been able to update opportunities quickly, schedule meetings faster and get more done. Anyone that needs Salesforce updated constantly by their team should try this product out. It’s easy to customize to your needs!

Erin W., Sales Operations Coordinator

Bi-directional sync for all your calendars
just got easier

Seamlessly synchronize your Salesforce and Outlook calendars

Instantly sync all business-related events between your Salesforce and Outlook calendars. Keep your calendars up to date at all times and avoid conflicts and duplicates.

  • Easily sync Salesforce and Outlook calendars with one click
  • Automatically stop your personal events from being saved in your calendars
  • Manage events from one calendar without switching between calendars


Delegate your calendar management to a teammate

Easily give access to your calendars to a teammate, allowing him or her to schedule meetings, and manage calendar events on your behalf.

  • Automatically share your Salesforce calendar with a teammate
  • Allow a teammate to book meetings and send invites in your stead
  • Allow a teammate to manage your Salesforce or email calendar events

Get a unified view of group calendars across teams

Sync and unify all group calendars from Outlook or Gmail with Salesforce. Get a unified view of your team members’ calendars and scheduled meetings in Salesforce any time.

  • Auto-sync group calendars without creating duplicates
  • Get a complete view of group calendars in Salesforce
  • Easily view your team’s scheduled meetings and more in Salesforce

Auto-sync recurring events between calendars

Auto-sync recurring events between Salesforce with email calendars. Edit an event in one calendar, and it will be automatically updated in all your calendars.

  • Automatically sync recurring events and meetings without duplicates
  • Automatically sync event or meeting updates across calendars
  • Edit events in one calendar and auto-sync changes in all your calendars

Auto-sync your
calendars in one go

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