Sales forecasting
based on real-time data and risk assessment

Base your sales forecasts on the real odds of deals closing. Uncover risks in the pipeline
and make your actual and forecasted revenue finally match up

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A new sales forecasting definition

Designed for:

  • Sales leadership

Sales forecasting has never been easy, but in a post-COVID world, Sales Leaders have difficulty predicting revenue with confidence.

Risk assessment has become the focal point of creating a sales forecast, and it’s no longer enough to just have a sales prediction—now sales leadership is looking for an actionable way to make sure forecasts will match revenue.

See how you and your team can have greater control over what happens to your revenue in the next month, quarter, and year.

Predicting sales in an era of

Sales Forecasting Software

Know your future sales

Creating a sales forecast based on complete sales data and insights will help to understand the future of your sales. Know what your target is and how likely your sales org is to meet it. See who on the team is behind, and make sure your future revenue will match the forecast

  • Trust the prediction for future periods
  • See who on the team is overpromising
  • Make sure your actual and forecasted revenue will match up



Revenue Consistency

Assess risk

Immediately see what amount of the committed forecast is at risk. Drill down to understand why there’s risk, how to mitigate it, and which actions your team should take right now

  • Surface the risks to your forecasts
  • Understand how serious the threat is
  • Mitigate the risk and ensure revenue consistency
Sales Forecasting Process

Influence how your sales will
play out

Set up triggers (forecast signals) to send notifications and alerts, sounding the alarm as soon as there are changes in any part of your sales forecast, like deals being pushed out or renewals being cancelled

  • Get notified instantly about any exceeded thresholds
  • Receive notifications on any device or platform
  • Set up specific alarms to involve all stakeholders



Controllability of Sales Forecasting

Understand what’s behind the

See previous and future periods side-by-side, compare, and see what has changed. Analyze the trends in sales forecast changes and understand the reasons behind them

  • Compare past periods
  • See the trends and understand the reasons behind them
  • Use data and insights from sales forecasting to coach your team
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