Why use Revenue Grid as a sales
forecasting software?

Build & implement a sales forecasting process

Easily develop a well-designed sales forecasting process with sales forecasting cadences. Provide sales and RevOps teams with insightful analytics for more predictable revenue and improve forecast accuracy.

  • Standardize weekly, monthly, and quarterly forecast submission process across your team’s hierarchy (VPs, AЕs, Managers, reps)
  • Create forecasts for a specific business segment, such as new business
  • Create forecasts for different revenue segments (by product types, geography, etc.)
  • Submit and adjust individual and team forecasts for future periods

sales projection

forecast for sale

Review & track changes in the sales forecast

Effectively apply roll-up sales forecasting to determine monthly, quarterly, or annual sales projections using real-time data. Allow your reps to estimate and adjust the amount of revenue they are likely to bring in on a weekly basis and control their performance.

  • Review your quota, override, and track changes across all forecast categories
  • Adjust individual and team forecasts for future periods
  • Understand what has changed since the previous week’s forecast call
  • Create reports for forecast categories: Commit, Best Case, Pipeline, Booked revenue

Analyze & evaluate risks in your revenue projections

Immediately see what amount of the committed forecast is at risk. Use sales forecasting software to understand why there’s a risk, how to mitigate it, and which actions your team should take right now to meet their quota targets.

  • Receive AI-based Signals about important changes in the forecast in real-time
  • Slice and dice any forecast by vertical, product, or time period
  • Perform retrospective analysis per specific sales teams or reps
  • Compare changes in the forecast and committed pipeline to the past period

sales forecasts

forecasts sales

Guide & control sales forecasts performance

Effortlessly influence how your sales forecasts will play out with AI-based Revenue Signals. Use intelligent insights to diagnose and pinpoint exactly why there are changes in your forecast to guide your team in the right direction to reach their sales quotas.

  • Set up Revenue Signals to remind your team to submit forecasts on time
  • Remind your reps to update forecasts as soon as the opportunity category changes
  • Create and assign customized Revenue Signals to guide your reps in the right direction to meet their sales projections
  • Receive Signals on required actions for your deals, update contact information, and react directly in the Microsoft Teams bot without opening Salesforce

How does Revenue Grid’s sales
forecasting software work?

Revenue Grid sales forecasting software analyses historical data on your deals with AI and ties this data to opportunities in your CRM to build the rigorous sales forecasting process.

Best-in-class sales forecasting software shows you the true state of each rep’s forecasted pipeline, helps you to assess risks in revenue projections and influence how your forecasts will play out with Revenue Signals.

sales forecasting

How does Revenue Grid sales forecasting software
impact your sales and revenue?

  • 12%

    Win rate increase in the
    first year
  • 96%

    Achieved forecast
  • 93%

    Increase in average quota
    attainment in committed deals

What our customers say about
Revenue Grid sales forecasting tool?

forecast of sales

Thanks to Revenue Grid’s sales forecasting software, I worry less about my sales forecast because I can instantly tell when something is off in the pipeline, and see how it will affect the accuracy of my forecast. There’s just no more surprises – you know what is coming down your pipeline because you’ve got all the data and insight you need, and you can see the big picture in real-time.

Tasha K.,
RevOps Manager

forecasting sales

The cool thing about Revenue Grid is that it shows you which deals will close, and which ones are at risk as soon as there’s a chance they won’t close. It makes the forecast more reliable and also gives our sales team a chance to double down on the deals in trouble that still have a good chance of going through. We are getting more accurate forecasts now and closing deals that we would have lost before.

Bohdan Okhrimchuk,
Account Executive at Precoro

There is more to Revenue Grid than pipeline management software

Pipeline visibility

Visualize your pipeline to reveal actionable sales insights. See the true state of your pipeline, track any significant changes in real time, and spot risks before they go south

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Team analytics

Analyze and gain clarity on your sales team’s activities. Get an overview of your team’s activities, see the true state of your reps’ forecasted pipeline and help your team control their sales process

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Revenue Signals

Improve your sales process with Revenue Signals. Get instant notifications about risks in your pipeline, create actionable Revenue Signals to guide your reps on the best next step in the sales process.

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Eliminate uncertainty from your sales forecasts

Discover the power of data-driven sales forecasting with a free demo

Before you ask, here’s our sales
forecasting software FAQ

Sales Forecasting Software generate accurate, data-driven sales projections in real-time that improve decision-making throughout the organization. Revenue Grid sales forecasting tool gives sales leaders the ability to deliver forecasts that are reliable and dynamic, empowering them to make updates on the fly based on current market conditions.

1. Improved trust in data. With sales forecasting software, the tools do the data entry and calculations for you, ensuring that your data is consistent, accurate, and free from human error.

2. Save time. Not only is manual data entry error-prone, it’s painstakingly slow. Using a spreadsheet, your sales leaders might have to work for days to run a complete forecast. With software, churning out accurate numbers takes mere seconds.

3. Smoother sales process. Accurate predictions let you set realistic sales metrics goals, so you don’t wind up overstressing or underutilizing your sales teams’ skills.

4. More strategic planning. Knowing how many sales are likely to come in lets you better allocate your resources and budget, as well as manage risks and justify expenditures.

5. Clear view of company’s health. Consistent forecasting gives you an idea of the overall health of your business. Better still, it does it in real time, so you can act quickly if predictions and actual sales aren’t matching up.

We find that the best sales forecasting tools do a combination of these important things:

1. Automating data capture & organization. The platform has to automatically captures, categorizes, and syncs sales data across all connected sources. That way, you’re always working with the latest, most accurate insights—no data entry required.

2. Predicting future sales team performance. Sales forecasting software allows sales leaders to automate playbooks to build in consistent sales execution. More predictable performance translates to more predictable revenue since reps are reminded to use the best-performing tactics.

3. Risk assessment. Decision-makers can use software for sales forecasting as a risk management and strategic planning tool. Users can run reports to identify risks that could change sales outcomes and drill down to understand the severity of incoming risks.

4. Signals. Sales forecasting software allows users to create interactive contextual alerts—called Signals—that use AI-driven insights to drive sellers toward the right action at the right time. Create custom triggers that notify sales leaders as soon as there’s a change in any part of the sales forecast. Examples include cancellations, deals falling out of the pipeline, etc.

5. Sales coaching. Sales coaches can identify winning behaviors and struggling reps, and point sellers toward actions proven to deliver desired outcomes.

Revenue Grid’s sales forecasting software utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze historical data on deals and integrate it with your CRM system. This process enables the creation of a robust and data-driven sales forecasting process, providing accurate revenue projections.

Sales forecasting is crucial as it allows businesses to anticipate future revenue, make informed decisions, and set achievable goals. It provides valuable insights into market trends, sales performance, and potential risks, helping organizations optimize resource allocation, plan for growth, and drive overall business success.

Sales forecasts are utilized by various stakeholders within an organization, including sales leaders, executives, finance teams, and operations managers. These forecasts inform strategic planning, budgeting, resource allocation, and performance evaluations, ensuring alignment across departments and facilitating data-driven decision-making.

Revenue Grid’s sales forecasting software leverages AI and historical data to enhance accuracy. While forecast accuracy can vary depending on the quality of data and market volatility, Revenue Grid customers have achieved an impressive 96% forecast accuracy, empowering them to make more reliable revenue projections.

During unpredictable times, such as economic downturns or market fluctuations, sales forecasts play a critical role in guiding businesses through uncertainty. Revenue Grid’s sales forecasting software offers real-time insights and analytics, enabling businesses to quickly adapt their strategies, identify risks, and make informed decisions to mitigate the impact of unpredictable circumstances.