Improve your team’s efficiency and
performance with Data Capture

Auto-capture all Sales activities and data to Salesforce. Save your reps the time spent
manually entering data, and keep your data updated and consistent at all times in your CRM

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What is Data Capture?

Designed for:

  • Sales enablement
  • Sales reps

Your reps should be selling more – but the truth is that they spend a good chunk of their productive time on manual data entry. Even worse, most customer data is often logged incorrectly or not logged into the CRM at all

Data Capture solves this problem by automatically collecting and saving all relevant sales data to Salesforce. This gives your reps more time to focus on selling and also ensures that your CRM is accurate and up to date

doneFull-auto or rule-based

doneCloud or on-prem

done1-way or 2-way

done+10h for selling weekly per rep

done300% more activity in CRM

done32% better forecasting

Help your team focus on the one thing
that matters – selling

Automatically capture data from your email and calendar

Automatically capture and save all your sales data from your Outlook/Gmail and calendar to Salesforce without the stress of manual entry

  • Auto-save all emails, including automated sales sequences
  • Capture recipients’ details, subject lines, & attachments
  • Auto-save calendar items to the proper Salesforce records

Auto-create objects in Salesforce stress-free

Automatically create Salesforce standard objects including Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, as well as Salesforce custom objects and automatically save data to them

  • Auto-create Salesforce contacts in Outlook or Gmail
  • Auto-save attachments in your Inbox to Salesforce records
  • Save and share tasks between Salesforce and your inbox

Access and edit Salesforce data from your Email Sidebar

Effortlessly save and sync data manually or automatically to Salesforce using your Email Sidebar. Edit objects from your inbox without having to go to Salesforce

  • Manually save data from your inbox using the Email Sidebar
  • Easily edit any data in your Outlook from the Sidebar
  • Auto-save all past emails, calendar items, contacts, etc

Easily configure to match your team’s workflows

Configure to match any workflow or work with any Salesforce custom object or field. Use Salesforce views and APEX rules without any hassles

  • Create activity auto-log rules to initiate Salesforce processes
  • Increase efficiency with Salesforce Views Support
  • Customize to work with any custom object or field
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