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Securing new logo customers is a fundamental component to business growth and expansion. As such, prospecting is central to any sales strategy.

Revenue Grid Sale Sequences automate our outreach process and ensures the right messaging is heard by the right audience while providing the data analytics to pinpoint the recipients that are most likely to engage, thus narrowing our focus for live call follow-ups. This efficiency not only accelerates new customer sales, but also allows reps to spend more time with their existing customer base.

Jason Pfeiffer, Viсe President at Rand

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The ultimate sales sequences for Salesforce

We have the only sales sequences native to Salesforce. Foster deeper engagement by connecting with your leads via different channels, personalizing your content with Salesforce data, adding BookMe links, and more.

  • Use email, calls, SMS, and social media in your sequences
  • Pause, stop, start your sequences automatically
  • Update Salesforce data automatically

sales sequences

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Designed for teamwork and complex sales processes

Our Sales Sequences are designed to support B2B and account-based selling. You can effortlessly integrate them into complex sales processes and share the best performing sequences with the whole team.

  • Delegate sequences or send on behalf of a colleague
  • Share the best sequences among your team members
  • Gain visibility into team activities related to sequences

Powerful insights to accelerate engagement and revenue

With our Sales Sequences, you can help your team focus on what works when contacting and nurturing leads, guide them to the next best step, and use AI insights that bring wins faster.

  • Gain insights on your most engaged leads, prospects, or accounts
  • Get instant nudges and notifications when a lead replies
  • Get notifications on missed or met outreach targets

sales sequence software

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Granular performance and revenue attribution reporting

You’ll instantly see what opportunities that sales reps have produced with their sequences. You’ll know how sequences are performing and how much revenue they are generating. You’ll also understand how leads are engaging with sequences as well as what is and isn’t working for engagement.

  • Get granular reporting on sequences, content, and teams
  • Know which sequences are generating more meetings
  • Get dollar reports for how much each sequence generates

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Top questions about sales sequences you wanted to ask

A sales sequence is a scheduled series of sales touchpoints that include phone calls, emails, social messages, and SMS messages, as well as other tasks that are delivered at a pre-defined interval over a particular period of time. Sequences have recently become the standard for sales teams, who use them to help reps manage outreach to prospects.

The main goal of a sales sequence is to generate a conversation with qualified prospects and set meetings for further discussions. Typically, sales development reps use sequences to schedule and manage their outreach to leads and prospects.

Email sequences help you:

  • Acquire new leads and convert them into paying customers.
  • Nurture lasting relationships with existing customers and enhance brand awareness.
  • Ensure that email messages reach prospects when they’re most receptive.
  • Improve your open rate for your email campaign by sending a follow-up email triggered by a lead’s actions.

Modern sales sequence software helps managers and reps take back time, with tools for real-time enablement and coaching. The right solution can increase rep productivity by 30%, and more easily identify and scale success — all of which ultimately drive predictable, efficient growth. Hence, you should expect a significant streamlining of your workflow after implementing sales sequence software.