The first Sales Sequences powered by
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Engage more efficiently with prospects using multichannel automated sequences that
feel personal and gain AI insights into what works best and how to scale success

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What are Sales Sequences?

Designed for:

  • BDRs
  • Sales reps
  • AEs
  • Revenue generation teams
  • Sales leaders

Sales engagement is changing: prospects and leads are getting smarter and this means reps need to meet and exceed their expectations every time

Sales Sequences optimizes the work for your reps, helping them follow the process and execute better, while driving deeper engagement and building stronger relationships. With Sales Sequences, your team can generate more revenue and growth in a more repeatable, predictable way

Drive deeper engagement with sales sequences
powered by Revenue Intelligence

The ultimate sales sequences for Salesforce

Drive deeper engagement with the only sales sequences native to Salesforce. Connect with your leads via different channels, personalize content using any Salesforce data, add BookMe links and more

  • Mix email, calls, SMS, and social media in your sequences
  • Pause, stop, start your sequences automatically
  • Update Salesforce data automatically



Designed for teamwork and optimizing complex sales processes

Effortlessly integrate sequences into complex sales processes. Scale best-performing sequences across the team. Designed to support B2B and account-based selling

  • Delegate sequences or send on behalf of your colleague
  • Share best sequences across teams
  • Gain visibility into team activity related to sequences

Powerful insights to accelerate engagement and revenue

Help your team find focus while outreaching and nurturing leads, guide them to the next best step, and use AI insights that bring yes faster

  • Gain insights on top engaged leads/prospects/accounts
  • Get instant nudges and notifications when a lead replies
  • Get notifications on missed or met outreach targets



Granular performance and revenue attribution reporting

Instantly see opportunities generated by Sales reps using their sequences. Know your sequences’ performance and how much revenue your sequences generate. See how leads engage with sequences, what’s working and what’s not per engagement

  • Get granular reporting on sequences, content, and team
  • Know which sequences are generating more meetings
  • Get dollar report for how much each sequence generates
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