Salesforce Email Integration With Automatic Capture of All Sales Data

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Revenue Grid does more for you than Einstein Activity Capture can

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Email integration for salesforce:
Automate your data capture and schedule more
meetings with ease

Data Auto-Capture

Automate your data capture and reduce the time your reps spend on manual data entry with revenue email connector for salesforce

  • Sync your email and calendar with Salesforce
  • Auto-create Salesforce objects and auto-save data to them
  • Access and edit Salesforce data from your email sidebar

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Easily schedule online meetings from your email and avoid double bookings forever

  • Share your availability with prospects via “Book me” links
  • Add open time slots from your calendar to your emails
  • Create buffers in your calendar whenever you want

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Calendar Sync

Sync Salesforce calendar with Outlook and Gmail calendars in one click and unify group calendars

  • Automatically sync, log, and link all your meetings to Salesforce
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts and duplicate events
  • Automatically stop personal events from being saved in your calendars

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Email Sidebar

Apply email integration with Salesforce to access, edit, and manage Salesforce data directly from your email inbox with Revenue Salesforce Email Plugin

  • Save emails, contacts, and events from your email to Salesforce
  • Track email opens and clicks from your sidebar
  • Add time slots to emails or share “Book me” link from your sidebar

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