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Revenue Grid named best
Revenue Operations software by G2

G2, the world’s largest site for B2B software user reviews, has ranked Revenue Grid as a Leader in Revenue Operations category

Visibility is useless
unless your team can take action—now

Data auto-capture

Capture and de-silo
sales data

Collect and synchronize data across teams and technology stacks

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Sales productivity

Gain transparency into
your revenue

See the state of things in real-time and get intel beyond just reports

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Revenue Signals

Guide reps across
the sales cycle

Receive actionable Signals to push forward
and act fast on opportunities

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How Revenue Intelligence transforms
your sales process

how guided selling works? | revenue grid

Step 1

Automate data capture

Gather complete data related to your deals,
prospects and engagements automatically

  • Auto-save all touchpoints to Salesforce
  • Auto-create and link leads and contacts
  • Customize to match your sales process

guided selling examples | revenue grid

Step 2

Gain visibility into your revenue

Understand what’s really going on in every area
of revenue generation

  • Pipeline: spot deals at risk and reasons behind them
  • People: see through sales activities of your team
  • Process: find correlations between activities and results

guided selling by revenue grid

Step 3

Replace guessing with guidance

Build Revenue Signals that guide your team
through the sales process and help them win

  • Guide reps with automated nudges for next best step
  • Automate playbook execution at scale
  • Help your team stay on top of the game

Transforming selling for diverse sales teams

Sales and Revenue Ops

Find gaps in the sales process and scale winning practices


improved velocity

Sales leaders

Gain absolute visibility into pipleine and team performance


higher closed won ratio

Sales contributors

Win faster and more confidenty with step-by-step guidance


faster to a closed won

Join 800,000 sales pros that use Revenue Grid to win faster and with more confidence

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