Know which deals are at
risk before they go south

See the past, present and future of every deal in your
pipeline and get deals at risk back on track


This is what it’s like to have complete deal visibility

Real-time data

Gather complete deal data

See the full picture with real-time data auto-captured from your complete sales techstack

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more data in Salesforce

Deal status

See pipeline health

Know the status of every deal, what happened before and what’s going to happen next

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improved velocity

Next best action

Know the risk and act now

Receive Signals on neglected and unlikely deals and act to get things on track

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higher closed won ratio

Step 1

Automate data capture

Gather complete data related to your deals,
prospects and engagements automatically

  • Auto-save touchpoints from all sales tools
  • Auto-create and link leads and contacts
  • Customize to match your sales process

Step 2

Crunch the data with AI

Find patterns and correlations between activity
and success rates

  • See the status for every deal and reasons behind it
  • See who really drives deals in each opportunity
  • Analyze customer engagement and communication

Step 3

Know exactly what to do now

Take the best action based on AI and your
proven strategies

  • Get automated nudges and alerts for next best action
  • Automate playbook execution at scale
  • Tailor for your team, processes, and strategies

Trusted by more than 25,000 companies

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