Salesforce Integration With Email and Calendar for Financial Services

Revenue Grid is the leading enterprise-level integration, connecting Salesforce Financial and Sales Cloud with Outlook and Gmail. It’s customizable, secure, flexible, and developed specifically for the financial sector.

The most customizable integration for the financial sector

Got specific requirements like on-premises deployment or Experience Cloud Licenses? You’re at the right place.
Revenue Grid offers the most flexible solution that’s designed specifically to meet the needs of financial enterprises.

  • Secure on-premises deployment

    Options for on-premises and private cloud deployment

  • Enterprise

    Enterprise-scale solution for up to 100K users

  • Multi-geo support for Office 365

    Multi-geo tenant Microsoft Exchange supported

  • Lightning Scheduler Adapter

    Full support of Lightning Scheduler functionality

  • Full support of Community licenses

    All Salesforce Community licenses supported

  • Financial Cloud

    Specifically designed for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

  • Best-in-class
    customer support

    Speedy resolutions to any request

  • Security

    SOC 2 compliant, ISO 27001 certified, and GDPR compliant

Salesforce Financial Services: everything your financial institution needs

Automatically capture data to Salesforce, access and manage it directly from your Revenue Inbox, then sync your Salesforce
and Outlook or Google Calendars. The best part? You can customize it all to fit the way your organization operates.

Auto capture of every customer interaction, your way

Automatically log all data from customer communication channels to
Salesforce. No missing data, no inaccuracies, no duplicates.

  • Capture data on-premises or use our cloud solution
  • Capture email threads, sync historical data, multi-match data
  • Automatically create leads and accounts in Salesforce
100% customizable


Manage complete Salesforce data in
your Email Sidebar

Access complete Salesforce Financial and Sales Cloud data directly from Revenue Inbox. Create, link, and edit any standard or custom object on the go.

  • Choose objects and fields to display in the Revenue Inbox Sidebar
  • Manually save emails to the right Salesforce records
  • Fully customized Lightning user interface
24% more CRM usage enterprise-wide


Revenue Grid is the best solution to connect Salesforce Financial
and Sales Cloud with your Email and Calendar on-premises

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