Actionable Deal Guidance is finally here

Help your reps start the day with focus and an actionable list of next steps. Armed with
the clear what, where, and how for each opportunity, your reps will push deals through
the sales cycles faster

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What is Deal Guidance?

Designed for:

  • Sales reps
  • Sales management

The aim of Deal Guidance is to help reps get deals through the sales cycle faster and guide them to take the right action when it’s needed, where it’s needed.

Deal Guidance works through interactive Revenue Signals: AI-based recommendations, best next steps, and insights.

This guidance is what turns overwhelmed reps acting on gut feeling into top performers who proactively push deals forward, know exactly what to do next, and go for the win with confidence.

Interactive, actionable AI guidance at
every stage of the deal

Interactive Guidance

Get to key deal milestones faster

Interactive Revenue Signals will put the best next step for each deal right into the palm of your reps’ hands—literally. All they need to do is click the Signal to follow the suggestions. No guesswork, no unclear priorities

  • Get AI Signals on what would work best in each deal
  • Get suggestions from internal playbooks and best practices
  • Click Signals to take action and get deals on track



Increasing Win Rates

Identify deals at risk and turn them around

Deal Guidance will immediately alert you and your reps to deals at risk and opportunities that are about to stall. Revenue Signals will show you what changed for the worse in the deal and what to do right now

  • Focus on what has to be done right now to turn the deal around
  • Get alerts on silent deals and deals stuck at one stage
  • Get notifications on shifts in close dates and deal size
Shorter Sales Cycles

Gain communication visibility

Gain a 360 degree view of customer communication in each opportunity, including what goes on with your leads on the marketing side. Understand communication dynamics and move forward faster

  • Track what’s going on in the engagement timeline
  • Check last touch, last meeting, and scheduled next step
  • Access the emails behind the deal and transcripts of all meetings
  • Coach better using each deal’s full communication story


Relationship Intelligence

Identify decision-makers and go for the win

Map out relationships and connections between people involved in a deal—both from your side and the customer’s side. Identify the champions who drive the deal forward and go for the win

  • Map out who knows whom
  • Get insights on the quality and quantity of communication
  • See who influencers, decision-makers and stallers are on both sides
  • Automatically capture and create contacts from any interaction
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