Peter W., Business Development Manager

With Revenue Grid’s Email Sidebar, it is very easy to log something to an opportunity or add new contacts to your accounts, who are in cc of an e-mail, or change the status of leads right from the Sidebar. So, we can have everything up to date. I can say that Revenue Grid’s Email Sidebar provides more possibilities than the native Salesforce sidebar.

Peter W., Business Development Manager

Help your team put the “pro” back in productivity with Salesforce email tracking

Manage Salesforce data directly from your inbox sidebar

Access, edit, and manage all Salesforce data and activities directly from your inbox without having to switch tabs between your email and Salesforce everytime

  • Create and save emails to specific Salesforce records
  • Use Salesforce templates in your emails and save time
  • Create and edit Salesforce objects directly in your sidebar

Manage Salesforce data directly from your Inbox Sidebar

Track all email opens and clicks in real-time

Track all email opens and clicks in real-time

Automatically track all email clicks and opens with ease. Get insights on customers’ actions with Magic Pixel and plan your next steps better with each new email.

  • Get real-time alerts for every email click or open
  • Know who opens your email, where, and on what device
  • Gain insights into your customer’s actions with Magic Pixel

Share your availability with time slots and “Book Me” page

Share your availability as a link or share your “Book me” page with prospects from your sidebar, and let them choose the most suitable available time slots for meetings.

  • Use the “Share Availability” option from your sidebar
  • Share your “Book me” page with prospects from your inbox
  • Allow your prospects to choose the best available time slots

Share your availabilty with Timeslots and “Book Me” page

Manually log data into CRM from your Sidebar

Manually log data into CRM from your sidebar

Take the stress out of manual data entry with the email sidebar feature. Manually input, edit, and update all relevant data and activities into CRM directly from your sidebar.

  • Save emails, contacts, & leads from your email to Salesforce
  • Log in tasks and events into CRM without switching tabs
  • Keep your CRM up-to-date and accurate at all times

Transform your Inbox data into revenue

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Stay on top of all emails

Use Revenue Grid’s email auto-tracking feature and save your sales reps from time-consuming manual email tracking. Let them focus on what matters most, selling.

Use Salesforce email open tracking and get real-time stats on email opens and clicks. See who’s opening your emails, where they’re coming from, and what device they’re using. 

Do you have customers that don’t want their emails to be tracked? Let them specify this, and Salesforce Inbox email tracking won’t track their emails.