Make your Inbox intelligent with Salesforce Email Tracking 

Access, use and manage complete Salesforce data directly from Inbox and
centralize your sales activities in an actionable way

Sell smarter from your Inbox, using complete Salesforce data

Get a new level of insights for each email and lead you’re working on, directly in your Inbox. View and update all relevant real-time Salesforce data directly in Outlook or Gmail.

Customize Salesforce objects, fields and the specific order you want to see them in the sidebar.

Select and save emails to desired Salesforce records

Besides configurable auto-capture of emails and tracking email opens, you can manually save selected emails to any Salesforce record. Plus, the top of the sidebar will always let you know whether Salesforce email tracking took place, an email is logged to Salesforce or not.

Use Salesforce email
templates from your Inbox

Revenue Inbox comes to your rescue when you need to send similar messages over and over again. Use Salesforce email templates in a click when composing an email.

Create and manage Salesforce objects from your Outlook / Gmail sidebar

Revenue Inbox pulls data from your Salesforce leads, contacts, opportunities, accounts, cases, and even any custom objects, right to your Outlook / Gmail sidebar. Now you can view and edit every detail you need, on the spot.

Use Lightning
UI to your advantage

Сreate your own custom Lightning components based on existing data and a new combination of filters. If you need to monitor certain reports regularly, instantly access them right in your sidebar.

100% customizable layout

Tailor Revenue Inbox’s layout to your needs and goals and make working from Inbox feel like home. Choose which objects, fields, views you want to see in a few clicks.

Like an existing configuration layout of your colleague? You can easily import it.

Speed up logging calls
to Salesforce

Log calls to Salesforce as fast as possible. Even while on your mobile, you can easily log a call to Salesforce, relate it to the right record, and add any information to it in a blink of an eye.

Create reminders from your Inbox

Eliminate the constant switching between Salesforce and Inbox that interrupts your workflow. Revenue Inbox allows you to create tasks and reminders that relate to your Salesforce objects or activities right from your Inbox.

Generic filters