Avoid scheduling conflicts with
Lightning Scheduler Adapter

Allow your customers book meetings with consultants and financial advisors quickly and
avoid conflicts between your Lightning Scheduler and Outlook Calendar. Sync events in
real-time between your calendars. Instantly sync service appointments between
Lightning Scheduler and Outlook, Gmail or iCloud.

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We have been using Lightning Scheduler for a while. Although it makes scheduling easy, sometimes we have scheduling conflicts since it only shows the availability in Salesforce calendars, not in Outlook. Revenue Grid’s Lightning Scheduler Adapter helped us overcome these issues. It checks availability in both Salesforce and Outlook calendars. Our Salesforce and Outlook calendars sync in real-time, so we don’t face scheduling conflicts.

Emma N., Head of Sales

Say hello to easy scheduling – without conflicts

Instantly check availability in Salesforce and Email calendars

Lightning Scheduler Adapter checks availability in both Salesforce and Outlook/Gmail/iCloud calendars so when a client books a meeting with you there’s no conflict

  • Instant real-time availability check
  • Works with Outlook, iCloud, and Gmail Calendars
  • No back-and-forth with meeting scheduling


Mirror your Outlook events in Salesforce Calendar

Automatically syncs your Salesforce and Outlook calendars in real-time, allowing booked meetings to appear in your Salesforce and Outlook calendars

  • Receive email and Salesforce alerts about upcoming meetings
  • Get notified when an appointment’s details change
  • Receive all relevant appointment details in your inbox

Never miss any Service Appointments

As soon as a client books a service appointment, Lightning Scheduler Adapter instantly syncs the appointment between Lightning Scheduler and Outlook

  • Receive appointment invites directly in Outlook
  • Accept or reject appointments from your Outlook
  • Automatically sync your response to Lightning Scheduler



Update booked Appointments directly from Outlook, iCloud, or Gmail

Anytime a user updates details about a booked appointment in Outlook, Lightning Scheduler Adapter automatically syncs the changes to Lightning Scheduler

  • Edit or update appointment details directly from Outlook
  • Real-time sync of updates between Lightning Scheduler/Outlook
  • Instant notifications about appointment updates in Outlook

Connect all your calendars directly to Salesforce

  • Unified Calendar View provides a comprehensive overview of your availability across various platforms within Salesforce UI
  • Add several calendars from Office 365, Google Workspace, and iCloud

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Enjoy zero chances of
conflicting appointments

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