How Morgan & Morgan processes 20% more cases with Revenue Grid

(formerly SmartCloud Connect)

by Brian Walsh, Senior Platform Analyst


Increase in the number of cases handled per month


Fewer clicks during
routine work


Extra matters per case staff

It’s no longer about what a product can or cannot do.

It’s about how the product team is willing to help


Morgan & Morgan selected Revenue Grid because they needed a synchronization tool for Outlook and Salesforce so that their attorneys, paralegals and case staff could access CRM records from Outlook. They also wanted a solution that would enable them to work more efficiently, increase CRM adoption, and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.


With Revenue Grid, Morgan & Morgan’s staff was able to optimize their use of Salesforce without leaving the familiarity of the Outlook interface. They also had the platform tailored to accommodate their workflows and the intricacies of the legal field. In addition, Revenue Grid was integrated with SpringCM, the document system that Morgan & Morgan uses daily.


Morgan & Morgan’s top KPI was productivity, which they measure based on how many tasks per case a staff member can perform in one day. The company’s attorneys praised Revenue Grid for enhancing productivity, facilitating Salesforce adoption, and giving them measurable real-time results.

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