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Clari Review 2023 (Pricing, Features, Competitors)

Let’s look at what an AI-powered sales tool called Clari is all about

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What is Clari?

Clari is a AI-powered Revenue Operations Platform with an integrated analytics tool that helps B2B companies recognize leads, investigate pipelines, evaluate business risks, and create sales growth forecasts.

The product is best for sales & marketing reps, revenue teams that greatly rely on data and stats for growing their business.

How old is Clari software?

The Clari platform was developed in 2013, so Clari has been on the market for over 9 years by now.

Clari software main products/features

  • Sales Forecasting Management. Sales forecasting features will help you to create accurate sales forecasts based on the typical company’s business performance. Clari platform uses AI-based projection for evaluating business numbers, providing real-time data.
  • Clari offers totally seamless forecasting by adapting to the unique sales process of your business.
  • Pipeline Inspection. Using this feature, you can gain absolute sales pipeline visibility, so you can see what coverage your business has in current and upcoming quarters and how much more you have to get to make the number.
  • Sales Analytics. The AI-based analytics helps you to get powerful real-time insights across the entire revenue team, allowing you to gain perfect visibility into the productivity of the team and the health of the accounts. This helps you to understand what factors drive changes to the numbers and make excellent business decisions.
  • Revenue intelligence. Integrated AI feature and automation helps you to analyze your sales and marketing engagement across the company’s entire revenue process, so you can clearly understand the nature of your customers’ relationships and find out what things your team focuses its efforts on.
  • Account engagement. Get the AI-driven insights on your team’s accounts to see which ones your sales reps are spending time on. This will help you to find the engagement gaps and correctly distribute resources to win more business.
  • CRM automation. With Clari’s AI, all your sales and activity data is automatically captureв so your sales reps won’t waste their time on ineffective manual data entry. This helps sales leaders build winning strategies based on complete actual data and close more deals.

Clari pricing

The company doesn’t publish the pricing info on its website, and you can obtain it upon request. But similar service providers usually charge around $12 to $50 per month/per user for a basic set of functionalities. The more extended product versions typically cost around $80 to $120 per month/per user.

You can contact Clari and request a free demo or get more detailed pricing information.

Clari competitors

Of course, Clari is not the only decent guided selling solution on the market today. But sometimes it’s hard to find the platform that is right for your business.

Now, you can compare modern Clari alternatives side by side and make an informed decision.

1. Revenue Grid: the best Clari alternative

Revenue Grid Overview:

Revenue Grid is an AI Guided Selling platform that helps sales teams gain pipeline visibility, automate repeatable routines and get step-by-step guidance to close deals faster. Revenue Grid works natively with Salesforce.

Step-by-step, Revenue Grid nudge sales reps towards actions that they need to take right now to win key deals, turn deals at risk around and execute your growth strategy.

The product is best for sales teams working with complex sales cycles.


Contact vendors for detailed pricing information.

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+ The first platform that is fully dedicated to Guided Selling;
+ Superior data capturing engine;
+ Absolutely CRM native;
+ Adequate prices;
+ Available on-prem and supports private clouds, native mobile Outlook support with no application installation needed;
+ Enterprise-grade support with complete onboarding;
+ Proactive Signals based on AI analysis;
+ Total visibility into the sales pipeline, deals, team activity;

– Requires time and effort to customize and fully set up;
– Some may find the appearance clogged at times;
– The product takes a bit of time to load.

Revenue Grid vs Clari:

Compared to Clari, Revenue Grid offers better Data Capture, Opportunity Scoring, Live Pipeline Management, Account-Based Analytics, and Activity Tracking.

Try Revenue Grid – the best alternative

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    2. InsightSquared

    InsightSquared Overview:

    InsightSquared sales intelligence solution is the most complete and flexible platform for B2b organizations. It empowers sales teams to get reliable forecasts, analyze the latest pipeline trends, and increase sales rep impact.

    The product features six built-in revenue solutions: activity capture, conversational intelligence, guided selling, interactive reporting, artificial intelligence forecasting, and dashboards.

    The product is best for fast-growing tech organizations.

    InsightSquared Pricing:

    Contact vendors for detailed pricing information.


    + Intuitive interface;
    + Decent report filtering features;
    + Helps to make Salesforce data even more usable;
    + Good historic trends analyzing features;
    + Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards;

    – Lack of real-time sync with Salesforce;
    – Difficult to figure out how it works if you skip product training;
    – No custom charts available;
    – It can take several hours to pull the data from the CRM system.

    InsightSquared vs Clari:

    InsightSquared is a good choice if you want to analyze your sales data from many angles to make more informed decisions. But if you want to get insights and make sure that they are utilized advantageously, then you better opt for Clari.

    3. Aviso

    Aviso Overview:

    Combining the best of human and artificial intelligence, Aviso integrated revenue platform helps sales leaders, reps, and managers to solve the complex problems that organizations may face. It offers leading-edge technologies for advanced forecasting and superior decision-making.
    More than that, the platform helps to utilize CRM data and sales stack information that its connectors and APIs extract. Having this data at your disposal, you can get detailed calculations and accurate sales performance forecasting.
    The product is best for: leading high technology sales executives, managers, and sales ops leaders.

    Aviso Pricing:

    Contact vendors for detailed pricing information.


    + Easy-to-understand user interface;
    + Excellent machine learning algorithms adjusted for sales forecasting;
    + High-level of security;
    + Flexible notification system;
    + Access control;
    + The ability to analyze opportunities of each rep;
    – Administration can be quite challenging because the most straightforward functions aren’t quickly accomplished in the platform’s framework;
    – Lack of product-level forecasting/predictability;
    – Lags may occur when the platform is being updated after you make some changes in Salesforce.

    Aviso vs Clari:

    Aviso has three main advantages over Clari: a much larger dataset, factor analysis discovery across multiple data sets, AI-powered CRO, CFO, operations to the manager, and rep workflows.