InsightSquared Review 2022: Pricing, features, comparison

What helps you scale exponentially? Insight, squared! Get it?

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What is InsightSquared?

InsightSquared is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for sales teams. It offers features that include forecasting, activity capture, and guided selling, among others, using revenue intelligence.

Revenue intelligence is a growing practice among sales organizations that involves collecting and analyzing key sales data to gain insights into trends, performance, and opportunities.

Like its competitors, InsightSquared promises to increase productivity among sales teams and help reps close deals more quickly with the help of AI and sales analytics.

InsightSquared Company Rundown

Legal name: InsightSquared, Inc. (acquired by Mediafly)

Founder: Bryan Stevenson, Fred Shilmover, Samuel Clemens

Founding date: Nov 1, 2010

Headquarters: 1 Beacon St., Suite 1500, Boston, Massachusetts

Additional offices: 800 Brazos, Ste 240, Austin, Texas



Phone number: +1 (617) 370-8100

Recently, there was an InsightSquared acquisition by Mediafly, a sales enablement and content management firm that aims to enhance InsightSquared’s Revenue 360 feature. Revenue 360 is an insight-driven sales system which we’ll get into a bit later.

Why use InsightSquared?

InsightSquared helps revenue operations and salespeople make better decisions by forecasting risks and opportunities. Teams can also better manage their pipelines and leaders can coach sellers more efficiently.

Who needs InsightSquared?

InsightSquared is tailored for sales professionals who work directly with clients. It’s also a helpful tool for revenue operations officers and data managers who are responsible for uncovering key data for closing deals. It even has features for sales leaders and coaches who can use the app to track sellers’ progress to find knowledge gaps, areas needing improvement, or identify star sellers that can share tips for the rest of the team.

InsightSquared Pricing

There are multiple price points for the program depending on the requested features. While the company does not readily display pricing on their website, the basic cost ranges between $65 USD and $95 per month per user. The total cost will depend on the size of the company and the amount of employees needing to use the software.

InsightSquared Free Trial

Like its competitors, the InsightSquared website offers a free demo to try out its main revenue intelligence features before purchase. Those interested can request their demo and get an InsightSquared login here.

InsightSquared Main Features

Before deciding whether InsightSquared is right for your tech stack, review the key features offered in order to compare with InsightSquared competitors. The main functions according to the website are:

AI Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting has been practiced since the dawn of sales, but now machine learning wins over gut feelings or questionable data. InsightSquared promises to automate and streamline forecasting while delivering AI-driven updates across the team and comparing past performances.

RevOps Dashboards

This visualization tool shortens the distance between data and real-time decisions with consolidated reports that focus on key indicators, trends, and gaps. Leaders can also monitor sales team performance in real time.

Interactive Reporting

The custom reporting feature gives a 360 degree angle of the sales funnel including leads, accounts, opportunities, renewals, upsells, and more. The interactive feature lets users deep dive into any part of the report to understand the data and take action and even run meetings directly from the reports.

Activity Capture

Activity from every revenue operations department, including every meeting, email, and demo, is automatically captured into the CRM tool. The burden of manually entering data is taken off of the sales rep so that they have more time to focus on selling. This also ensures consistent and accurate data without gaps.

Conversation Intelligence

Calls are captured and instantly transcribed so that they can be analyzed and reps can be accurately coached. Keywords can even be searched for within the call transcription. Find out why one rep has higher win rates or how many times a customer requests a feature.

Guided Selling

InsightSquared will give helpful tips or prompt sellers to take actions at certain points in the sales process. You can set up custom actions or use pre-configured ones. Plus, Insight tracks actions and identifies activities that set apart top performers from the others.

Advanced Sales Math

The Sales Math feature uses intelligence to identify inflection points in a sale or moments when a customer will lose interest. It evaluates sales cadence, progression timelines, deal attributions, and historic win rates to determine what winning looks like for your organization and scale sales.

InsightSquared Alternatives

There are a number of alternatives to InsightSquared, though not all are made equal.

Revenue Grid is a platform that provides the same key features as InsightSquared – and a bit more. Revenue Grid uses AI insights for in-the-moment coaching as well as for automated, guided alerts in real-time. Playbooks can be automated at scale to provide a roadmap to win. Revenue Grid’s dashboard also gives ideal pipeline visibility and forecasting with a bird’s eye view of team analytics.

In fact, G2 ranks Revenue Grid as a leader in B2B revenue operations software.

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    InsightSquared Reviews

    WIth all of this in mind, here’s what people who have used InsightSquared have to say about the system:

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    Is InsightSquared right for your organization?

    Only your experts can answer that question. Make sure to review features and to check out the demos of both InsightSquared and its competitor Revenue Grid to determine which tech solution is best for your company’s revenue operations. You might also want to try out a product tour so that you can see the platform in action first.