Effective Sales: The What, the Why, and the How

Effective sales is not about convincing someone to buy, it’s about helping someone to see how they will benefit from the purchase

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Effective sales mean getting the most out of each and every customer interaction. It’s about knowing what will make prospects buy and then using that insight to convert them. Effective salespeople don’t just close deals—they also ensure that customers are satisfied with their solution.
In this article, let’s dive deeper into what effective sales are and how you can achieve them.

What are Effective Sales?

Effective sales are the ability to sell your product or service effectively, a.k.a closing deals. It refers to successfully identifying a client’s need and convincing them your solution is the right investment. When you achieve effective sales, you have a well-designed sales process, and your sales reps are performing well.

What Makes a Sale Effective?

“What makes a sale effective?” The answer lies in how you define your sales goal.

For example, if you aim to get a client to buy a product at a specific price, then you gain an effective sale if they take that action. But if your ultimate goal is to convince the client to purchase and then refer your company to their friends, you’re not actually successful if they make an order without talking about you with others.

Another way to think about effective sales is to consider the number of resources you have to invest in each deal.

If you have to put in a lot of work after months but only close one deal, then the sale might not be as effective as expected because you don’t get much return on investment. If the process takes much effort but allows you to acquire many new clients, that can be effective sales.

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    How to Determine Effective Sales

    The most common way to determine whether a sale is effective is to look at the following metrics:

    1. Number of Closed Deals

    Think about how many prospects were converted into opportunities and how many opportunities were turned into customers within a certain timeframe. You should also consider the average deal size—how much money a client spends on average. By understanding this number, you can estimate the amount of future revenue you can get from that client.

    2. Win/Lose Ratio

    As the name implies, it measures the ratio between wins and losses. If a salesperson makes 100 calls and closes five deals, that’s a 50% win rate. But if they close only one deal from every 100 calls or make no sales, their win rate is really low, if not 0%.

    3. Customer Satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction is one of the most important metrics to consider when determining whether or not your sales strategy is effective. This measures how happy your customers are with your product or service. The higher the customer satisfaction, the better your sales.

    When customers are satisfied with your product, they’re more likely to buy from you again and recommend your company to others.

    4. Percentage of Time Spent on Selling Activities

    This metric measures the amount of time your rep spends on revenue-making activities and those that don’t directly contribute to sales. It gives you insight into your sales team’s productivity and areas they should improve to increase performance.

    One way to track these metrics is by deploying Revenue Grid’s Team Analytics. With this tool, you can get a clear picture of all your reps’ activities, including the state of each rep’s forecasted pipeline, what your top-performing reps are doing, and which activities they spend the most time on.

    How to Increase Effective Sales

    To drive effective sales, you need to have a good sales strategy, as it’s essential to achieving your goals. It helps you determine how you should reach your target audience, the best way to present your product, and how you can market yourself in a unique and memorable way.

    Follow these tips to create a good sales strategy that will bring more effective sales to your business:

    1. Know Your Target Audience Inside Out

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that specificity matters when talking about products or services. You need to know exactly who your target audience is to understand their problems and then effectively address them during sales conversations. The more you know about their needs, preferences, and desires, the better you’ll be able to tailor your offerings to meet them.

    2. Build a Well-structured Sales Process

    When you have a sales process in place, you can be sure your reps know their responsibilities and how they can do their job at each stage of the process. It allows you to standardize communications to maintain your brand identity and build a strong rapport with your potential customers.

    To develop a sales process, break down your customer lifecycle into steps and define each step with clear criteria for success. Read this guide about the sales process to learn more.

    4. Motivate Your Sales Reps

    Motivation is the key to a happy and productive employee, so you should ensure your sales reps stay motivated. This could be as simple as giving them an incentive or setting up a rewards system for the best-performing reps.

    If you notice one of your reps has done something well (like closing several deals quickly), let them know. This will help them feel appreciated, which then makes them happier and more likely to perform better in the future.

    Another great way to motivate your sales reps is through training programs. If you want better results from your sales team, then ensure they have access to all kinds of training materials like books, videos, and websites that will support them in achieving their goals.

    Focus on Effective Sales

    Now that you’ve understood what an effective sale looks like and what you should take action to drive more effective sales. Apply our tips above and see how they’ll help improve your sales performance and team productivity.

    Increase effective sales with Revenue Grid

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