High Velocity Sales Guide: The What, The Why, and The How

Focus on the right activities that will produce results

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High velocity sales (HVS) is a technique that combines the best of both B2C and B2B sales approaches.

With HVS, you can speed up the process by automating repetitive tasks and making it possible for your team to move faster from prospecting to closing deals. It also helps you structure your sales process and align everyone on one standard way of working that ensures consistency throughout the organization.

Here’s everything you need to know about high velocity sales.

What is High Velocity Sales?

High velocity sales encompasses several different techniques designed to help you close more deals in less time. It makes it easier for your sales reps to manage all their interactions with prospects, so they can focus on closing deals instead of wasting time on manual labor like tracking down leads or sending follow-up emails.

The key to high velocity sales is to focus on the right activities that will produce results. This means you need to identify your ideal customers and target them with your sales message. You also need to create a sales process that is efficient and effective.

Salesforce High Velocity Sales Features

Salesforce High Velocity Sales is a great tool for those who want to better manage their sales process and make it more efficient. Here are some of its features you might want to know.

  • Sale Cadence: With Salesforce High Velocity Sales, you can create consistent, scheduled cadences of outreach activities to help reps nurture their prospects with maximum efficiency. A sales cadence can include activities like sending emails, making calls, arranging meetings, and sending text messages. Not only is this approach effective at nurturing leads throughout the entire sales process—from cold lead generation to closing deals—but it also allows sales team members to focus on other tasks like managing leads or closing deals while still keeping up with their prospecting schedule.
  • Work Queues: The Work Queue is a powerful tool for sales reps to increase their productivity, and it’s a great way to ensure that your sales team is always on top of their game. The Work Queue is designed to help you manage your sales team more efficiently—and it makes it easier for reps to get things done with less busywork and more focus on high-value activities to close more deals faster. This is especially important when you have a lot of activity going on at once—like during peak season or around Black Friday/Cyber Monday—and you need all hands on deck to keep up with demand.
  • Einstein Activity Capture: Salesforce High Velocity Sales includes Einstein Activity Capture that helps automatically associate relevant events and emails with related records in Salesforce. Reps don’t have to worry about manually logging different activities, which means they can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time selling.

Salesforce High Velocity Sales Alternative

Revenue Grid is the perfect Salesforce high velocity sales alternative for any sales team looking to drive more revenue and accelerate their sales pipeline. With its complete CRM solution, powerful sales intelligence tool, and robust set of features and integrations, Revenue Grid provides everything sales teams need to manage their entire sales process from start to finish.


You’ll have access to your own dashboard, where you can manage all of your accounts and sales pipelines. You can view every step in the process of each deal, from initial prospecting through closing—and see exactly where each one stands at any time. With this information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to optimize your time management skills so that there are no surprises when it comes time for an important meeting or appointment.

Revenue Grid is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to focus on the growth of their company and not on the work that goes into it.

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