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What if You Could Boost Pipeline Visibility with AI Signals?

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In my previous post, I shared how RevOps leaders can accelerate revenue growth with the right revenue intelligence. With the data-driven insights Revenue Grid delivers, RevOps teams can overcome several challenges and achieve specific goals, such as:

  • optimize sales operations give stakeholders clear pipeline visibility
  • improve the sales team’s capacity to focus on relationships and speed up the sales process
  • drive accurate, real-time forecasting
  • ensure the right people receive the data they need to make real-time, data-driven decisions

One of our platform’s industry-leading features is the AI-powered Revenue Signals. These AI signals deliver immediate, action-oriented alerts to sales reps, enable 360-degree pipeline visibility for sales and revenue leaders, and help RevOps teams achieve the critical goals outlined above.

Our customer Slalom, a business consultancy, offers a compelling example of the power of Revenue Signals. Slalom wanted its sales team to follow a sales process that ensured they sent pre- and post-meeting emails, ​involved product and industry experts ​in opportunity planning,​ and populated deal planning fields​.

Slalom decided to digitize its sales coaching with Revenue Signals to guide the team through the next best action and ensure they follow the right process. The impact was significant in generating:

  • 1% increase in the number of meetings = $30M increase in sales​
  • 1% increase in conversion rate = $60M increase in sales

How do our AI signals work?

AI-Powered Revenue Signals turn insights into action

With AI, our revenue intelligence platform can identify opportunities for improvement throughout the sales cycle and provide insights that consider industry benchmarks to help companies refine their strategies and improve customer adoption.

But insights alone are not enough. Actions are also critical. Revenue Grid’s AI-powered Revenue Signals deliver actionable guidance, or “signals,” to sales and customer success team members during different stages of the sales cycle. Revenue Signals are interactive, contextual alerts that help spur sales and customer success teams into action, offering “guided selling” by advising them of what steps to take and when. They foster better communication, faster response times, improved collaboration – and ultimately, higher win rates.

Revenue Signals draw from accurate, up-to-date data from CRM and all other customer channels, provided by our automated Activity Capture. Our AI identifies winning customer engagement patterns and Revenue Signals provide real-time, actionable recommendations to elevate sales efforts. Teams receive immediate AI summaries of opportunities, outlining current status, next steps, and tailored action items.

These intelligent Revenue Signals enable teams to directly manage deals, initiate CRM flows, and communicate with prospects across all sales teams’ platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Outlook/Gmail, and CRM systems. The capability enables the seamless execution of tasks, prospect engagement, and precision across each pivotal moment. A team’s ability to respond effectively and promptly is no longer dependent on intuition but powered by intelligent, timely signals and follow-up.

In essence, our Revenue Signals play a valuable role in the powerful Revenue Grid formula: Data + Action = Revenue Velocity.

Ultimately, we remove roadblocks and accelerate the speed at which teams generate revenue. We automate tasks, reduce time spent in revenue meetings, and give reps back 10 hours per week for selling.

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