Coaching Cycle: Full Guide

Gain a 360-degree view of a rep’s activities and performance history

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A coaching cycle provides sales reps with continuous instructions and guidance to reach their sales quota, maximize their sales performance, and ultimately drive sales revenue for the whole organization.

This article will walk you through an overview of a coaching cycle and what you need to get started.

What is a Coaching Cycle?

A coaching cycle refers to an ongoing process a sales coach follows when working with sales reps. It involves a continuous series of steps from meeting preparation to post-meeting.

What Does a Coaching Cycle Look Like?

A coaching cycle includes three components, as shown below:

1. Plan

  • Prepare for the team meeting
  • Collect and analyze historical data as well as other resources to assist with goal settings and action planning
  • Determine the sales team’s goals and priorities
  • Develop actions to help sales reps move toward goals

2. Observe and Assess

  • Observe and evaluate team meetings
  • Ask relevant questions that can help reps reflect on important topics
  • Listen to reps’ answers and make notes of key points
  • Identify areas where reps have strengths and areas where they need more support

3. Analyze and Reflect

  • Post-meeting debriefs and feedback delivery
  • Focus on specific goals and action steps discussed in pre-meeting
  • Suggest activities and changes that can help reps reach their goals
  • Provide materials and resources designed to improve reps’ skills

How to Start a Coaching Cycle

The first thing you need to do to start a coaching cycle is to establish expectations. Ask yourself, “what exactly do I need to get from this coaching cycle?” “Will it help me understand reps better and provide them with the support they need?” “How much time should I spend with each person?” “What are the gaps that a rep can have?”

Here you’ll need to collect data from multiple sources like customer relationship management (CRM) systems, sales platforms, sales pipeline performance meetings, performance review reports, and more. This will help you gain a 360-degree view of a rep’s activities and performance history.

Once everything is established, you can jump into the pre-meeting preparation to start setting goals and priorities for each rep.

A Tool that Facilitates the Coaching Cycle Development

As said above, gathering data is the key. In fact, it’s always at the core of any successful coaching cycle. When you have the right data, you know who you’ll talk to inside out and develop coaching strategies that will help them maximize their potential. Revenue Grid is designed to enable you to achieve this.

Revenue Grid can positively affect your sales coaching process in several ways, for example:

  • Automatically collect and store transcripts of meetings conducted via Zoom and GoToMeeting. A sales coach can review these transcripts to discover how a rep works in client meetings and gather insights.
  • Display all key sales metrics in a unified dashboard, providing a sales coach with a clear understanding of sales reps’ performance and the data to back up feedback.
  • Offer sales leaders and managers a dedicated Sales Coaching tool to coach reps. Create automated, personalized coaching programs based on actionable insights from AI-powered analysis. You can give your reps immediate feedback, share tactics, and use interactive, contextual revenue signals to show them who they need to engage and the best actions they should take.

Develop a coaching cycle easier with Revenue Grid

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