Ryan Porter

EVP of Sales at Revenue Grid

How +5% get +37% in revenue:
An exclusive deck
on revenue leakage

Here is an ugly truth:

Many businesses experience revenue leakage, and you’re no exception. Even worse, if you don’t fix these leaks, your millions will keep going down the drain. I know it because fighting revenue leaks is at the heart of my job. I’m Ryan Porter, EVP of Sales at Revenue Grid, where we help revenue teams grow on their own terms by stopping revenue leakage.

At different events, I share my knowledge on fighting revenue leaks with hundreds of sales leaders. Despite the vast differences in their industries, backgrounds, and priorities, one thing remains constant: The surprise on their faces when they realize how much revenue they lose through invisible leaks in their pipelines.

Yes, it’s not easy to see when and where revenue leaks happen. And you can’t fix what you can’t see. But once you learn how to spot the leaks, you can stop them pretty easily. The deck I’m about to share with you shows exactly how to achieve this. Countless sales leaders found it groundbreaking and asked me to share a link. And now, it’s time to share it with everyone.

Everyone’s pipeline is leaking.
Learn how to fix yours

This deck will explain what revenue leakage is, why it happens and how to spot and eliminate it before it hurts your bottom line. Are you ready to face up to the leaks hiding in your pipeline? All right, here we go!