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New eBook with Salesforce Ben: Guide to RevOps for Salesforce Administrators

By Tara Pawlak

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We’re excited to partner with Salesforce Ben to offer our latest eBook, Guide to RevOps for Salesforce Administrators.

Our new eBook is designed to help Salesforce administrators gain a clear understanding of the RevOps function and how teams can align towards common goals. RevOps revolutionizes our perspective on sales, marketing, and customer experiences, emphasizing the crucial need for unification. To achieve a common objective – generating revenue – teams, data, and processes must be consolidated.

Understanding the fundamentals of RevOps and its transformative potential can open new career paths for Salesforce Admins with opportunities for growth and enrichment. This new guide gives you the information you need to formulate a successful RevOps strategy and overcome any challenges along the way. We offer a collection of tips, tricks, and tools to help you and your team make data-driven decisions that will have a positive impact.

What is RevOps?

RevOps is an organizational approach that aligns the sales, marketing, and customer experience teams. The primary goal of RevOps is to break down silos between departments and create a more cohesive approach across the customer journey – from lead generation to customer retention. It involves streamlining processes, systems, and data to provide a unified customer view.

RevOps significantly impacts business growth and efficiency. By ensuring teams work together toward the same objective of driving revenue, managerial stakeholders gain a complete view of revenue streams and can optimize processes along the way.

Why you should care

According to Forbes, 90% of organizations are actively changing their workflows to take advantage of RevOps. Doing so presents challenges that Salesforce Admins are naturally well-suited to address, given their underlying skills and adaptable nature. Such challenges can include:

  • Poor data quality and management
  • Misalignment across departments
  • Poor technology user adoption
  • Customer experience and retention issues

With more knowledge and understanding of RevOps, Salesforce administrators are ideally positioned to help teams achieve alignment and fully utilize the Salesforce platform.

Other important topics the eBook addresses include:

  • Key components of a successful RevOps strategy
  • RevOps challenges
  • Important features and functionality to consider
  • The future of RevOps

Want to learn more about RevOps and how you can elevate your career as a Salesforce Admin? Get your copy today!