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Leverage Best Practices Faster: New Signal Builder & Ready-to-Use Signals

New Signal Builder: Experience a significantly improved process of creating signal rules.

  • Enhanced Interface: Setting up custom notifications is now more intuitive than ever, streamlining your workflow.
  • Customized Notification Delivery: Choose your preferred channels for receiving signal notifications – MS Teams, mailbox, or Action Center – ensuring alerts reach you via the most relevant channel.

Ready-to-Use Signals: New customers instantly benefit from a collection of signals right out of the box, enabling immediate insights from day one.

Discover Signals Library

Know the status of your opportunities instantly

Skip the Reps, Know the Status of Your Opportunities Instantly: AI Opportunity Summary

Tired of sifting through mounds of data to understand your opportunities? Get instant insights, tailor actions, and win more with AI-powered summaries of your opportunities.

  • Get instant snapshots: Our AI analyzes your CRM data and communications to deliver clear summaries, revealing the current status, next steps, and personalized action items to help you with informed decisions.
  • Seamless workflow integration: Adapt summaries to fit your existing workflow for optimal efficiency.
  • Deeper pipeline visibility: Gain a clear understanding of your pipeline activity, one summary at a time.

Stop Guessing, Predict Accurately: Forecast Projection

Sales leaders and RevOps professionals, it’s time to move beyond static forecasts that can’t keep up with your dynamic pipeline. AI Forecasting can empower you with actionable intelligence and help make your forecast data more intuitive and accurate.

  • Unify Data & Insights: AI Forecasting analyzes vast amounts of data, including historical sales data, win rates, and current pipeline metrics to provide a comprehensive picture of your sales. 

  • Real-Time Accuracy, Always: It continuously checks real-time pipeline metrics, such as deal stages and activity levels, to ensure your forecasts are constantly refined and up-to-date.

  • Actionable Recommendations: Our AI doesn’t just predict; it prescribes. Receive clear recommendations for proactive actions, improving forecast accuracy and increase your chances of closing.

Stop Guessing, Predict Accurately: AI Forecasting

Uncover Your Pipeline’s Hidden Moves: Revenue Grid Waterfall

Uncover Your Pipeline’s Hidden Moves: Pipeline Waterfall Report

No more hours spent combing through spreadsheets. Revenue Grid’s Pipeline Waterfall Report reveals the “why” behind pipeline changes. See what moved, how it impacts your bottom line, and gain instant insights.

  • See the “why” behind the numbers: Identify key drivers of pipeline movement instantly, understanding the “what” and “why” with crystal clarity. 

  • Zoom in for granular detail: Analyze changes by forecast category or stage, pinpointing areas needing support and optimizing resources effectively.
  • Compare and conquer: Track initial vs. updated numbers effortlessly, making data-driven decisions with confidence.

New Sequence Management Enhancements

Never Miss a Moment: Easily Review Your Twilio Calls

All Twilio calls made from Revenue Grid or RG’s Salesforce 
widget/app are recorded. Review them directly in Revenue Grid & unlock coaching moments and refine strategies.

Never miss a moment

One-Click Completion: Finish Sequences Directly on the Sidebar​​

Simply locate the sequence card and finish it with a single click. This streamlined workflow empowers you to manage your outreach efforts with greater efficiency.

One-Click Completion: Finish Sequences Directly on the Sidebar​​

Data Sharing Simplified: 
Export Tables to CSV

Export your data, including opportunity pipeline reports, your preferred columns, etc. in a convenient CSV format. Easily share insights and conduct deeper analysis outside of Revenue Grid.

Opportunity status

Dynamic Loading of Layouts in Sidebar: Custom “Save Email” with Revenue Grid & Lightning Out

Salesforce Lightning Out empowers Revenue Grid to seamlessly integrate with your existing Salesforce customizations.

  • Customizable “Save Email” Experiences: With Lightning Out, you can now leverage your custom LWC components to replace the traditional save dialog, providing a seamless and tailored experience for logging activities directly within your email workspace.
  • Effortless Workflows: Forget context switching – log activities seamlessly without ever leaving your email. Say hello to increased efficiency and a productivity boost you can feel.

  • Data Accuracy on Point: Capture complete and accurate activity details directly in your email. No more scrambling to remember details later, just pure, clean data goodness.

Support Dynamic Loading of Layouts in Sidebar: Custom Save with Revenue Grid & Lightning Out

New Sync Enhancements

Stay Organized: Identify Internal & External Event Organizers

Never waste time tracking down the right person again!
We now identify internal/external organizers, prevent duplicate entries for external parties, and store organizer details.

Boost Efficiency: Directly Save MS Graph Calendar Attachments to Salesforce

Save attachments from MS Graph calendar items directly into Salesforce. This time-saving feature, once exclusive to EWS users, streamlines workflow and strengthens the calendar-CRM connection.

Save Time & Effort with Auto-Refresh: Easy Picklist Updates

Admins can now update picklists without manual pushes. Automatically refreshes picklist values, ensuring your sales team always has access to the latest options, saving time and effort.