How VDA streamlined its communication and business development strategy

  • 340 000
    Activities synced between Salesforce and Outlook
  • 100,000
    Expected increase in customer enquiry processing/reply
  • *23 000+
    Personalized emails sent

By using Revenue Grid’s products, vda, Inc has become more efficient, improved client interaction, and developed more business.

Shayna Pitman, Senior Project Coordinator, Key Accounts at VDA, Inc.


VDA is a leading provider in elevator and escalator consulting solutions. Before the pandemic, VDA has been acquiring new customers organically through word of mouth.

However, the pandemic forced the company to move sales and customer communications online. They needed to enhance their existing Salesforce data by adding better tracking and automating client communication capabilities.

  • Difficulty auto-capturing customer data

    VDA was searching for an easy-to-learn tool that would allow them to auto-capture every customer-related activity in the CRM, thus improving the team’s visibility and overall customer communication.

  • Improving customer engagement

    They wanted to build a superior digital customer engagement process, but this was challenging as team members were relatively new to online customer engagement. As a result, there were significant lapses in customer engagement.

  • Scaling best practices to drive productivity

    VDA needed an efficient delegation process that would allow consultants to spend the majority of their time interacting with clients and utilize administrative support to assist in taking the lead with managing Revenue Grid campaigns and other required sales processes.

We needed a solution that would help our team follow the right playbooks and execute the proper sales process every time.

We are now able to leverage existing Salesforce data to streamline our communication and business development strategy.


With a complex Salesforce instance that had multiple relations with several entities, email capture logic was quite complex. The team also needed to learn the new functionality fast.

  • Syncing data and calendars

    The first step was to sync VDA’s Salesforce and Outlook calendars, so all business-related events were automatically saved and mirrored between two systems.

    Next, we enabled data and activity capture between email and Salesforce, so that emails, as well as customer data were automatically saved to the proper Salesforce records.

  • Implementing Sales Sequences

    Sales Sequences were implemented next, allowing VDA to digitalize and scale customer nurturing processes.

    VDA was able to automate customer engagement via highly personalized email campaigns that include merged fields with Salesforce data. Consultants can delegate these email cadences to the support team, allowing them to focus on more mission-critical tasks. The functionality and UI have also proved to be intuitive and easy to use.

  • Deploying Revenue Signals

    To scale best practices and playbooks, VDA has configured contextual, actionable notifications to guide consultants and support staff on the next best step when action is required on an existing lead, opportunity, or project.
    Once fully deployed, this will provide enhanced customer engagement, stronger relationships, and the ability to provide customers with additional services and value.

    VDA wanted to build a superior digital experience for both its agents and customers, and it was able to do so with the help of Revenue Grid.


With Revenue Grid’s help, VDA was able to successfully digitalize prospect and customer nurturing at scale with an easy-to-learn tool.

VDA were able to solve all their challenges, automatically sending out 23,000 nurturing emails, synchronize 340,000 activities between Salesforce and email, and implement 15 Revenue Signals in 2021. Their customer inquiry processing and reply time improvement are projected to increase by 20% in 2022.

  • 340 000
    Activities synced between Salesforce and Outlook
  • *20%
    Increase in customer enquiry processing/reply
  • 23 000+
    Personalized emails sent

We are looking forward to working with Revenue Grid to add additional tools and functionality that will help us become even more successful with our endeavors.

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