Welcome to the
Winter ‘23 Release

Unveiling the latest product release from Revenue Grid — an outcome shaped by your insights. This update is more than just enhancements; it’s a refinement of your experience. Dive into a set of features designed for pragmatic productivity and streamlined workflows. Explore the practical side of this release, where functionality aligns with your needs. Stay ahead, stay informed, and effortlessly enhance your process!

Manage Your Workflow at One Place: Centralized Signals Control

Turbocharge your sales team’s productivity with quick access to comprehensive details and unified actionable workspace. Place where efficiency meets simplicity.

  • Centralized Control: Improve your sales team’s deal management with Signals, now integrated also into the Opportunities page. Take quick actions like sending emails, react on Salesforce tasks, ect, all from one location.
  • AI-Powered Automation: We’ve upgraded Signals and Action Items for maximum impact — they not only notify sales reps but also suggest tailored content for an efficient experience. Imagine automated email threading powered by AI, allowing you to craft emails effortlessly right from the Opportunities page.

Enhanced Report Collaboration: Share and Integrate Reports into Salesforce Seamlessly

Enhanced Report Collaboration: Share and Integrate Reports into Salesforce Seamlessly

Optimize your sales workflow with streamlined report collaboration — maximize efficiency and minimize effort in Salesforce. Experience agile insights and a customized interface.

  • Seamless Fusion: Experience enhanced collaboration with the ability to share reports and seamlessly integrate them within your Salesforce environment. Ensure alignment through common reports, allowing RevOps to effortlessly integrate and validate data, streamlining your sales processes for higher efficiency.
  • Precision Data Presentation: Take control of your insights by customizing the order of report columns. Reorder them easily to ensure you receive the necessary information in the best format for you. Customize your reports to match your preferences and workflow.

Signals Library: Unlock Best Practices, Simplify Actions

Revenue Signals turn your sales data into actionable alerts. Our Signals Library is a collection of dedicated best practices tailored to every sales persona, from Sales Reps to CRO, empowering you to automate and optimize your sales processes effortlessly. Explore, configure, and unlock valuable automation.

Easily integrate these game-changing Signals into your Revenue Grid environment using Signals Builder. Stay steps ahead, stay organized.

Discover Signals Library

Signals Library: Unlock Best Practices, Simplify Actions

Optimized Opportunity Management: Gain Enhanced Insights from Different Angles

Optimized Opportunity Management: Gain Enhanced Insights from Different Angles

Switch between the “By Stages” and “By Categories” views on the Opportunities page views to tailor your experience and gain more insights by looking at your pipeline from different angles.​

With flexible perspectives, ensure a tailored approach to the pipeline management.

Get More Control on Your Sequences

Google Alias Selection:
Customize Your Sender Identity in Sequences

Personalize sender Google alias in private sequences with ease. Select your preferred email address for a customized touch.

Google Alias Selection

Advanced Sequencing Insights:
More Details in Your Salesforce​​

Prospect replies logged as detailed Tasks in Salesforce, providing you easy control and a better understanding of each stage.

Advanced Sequencing Insights

Precision Outreach Customization:
‘Send on Behalf of’

Admins can now choose the sender (prospect owner or adding user) for better personalization in Shared sequence outreach.

Precision Outreach Customization

Enhanced Salesforce Integration: Leveraging Lightning Out for Customized Workflows

Salesforce Lightning Out is at Revenue Grid! It streamlines the integration of Salesforce functionalities into external web pages or applications. By leveraging this feature, our Sidebar extends to enable direct data input into Salesforce, aligning with your business processes without leaving Gmail or Outlook.

  • Flexibility for Your Customization: Lightning Out is all about flexibility, tapping into your Salesforce customizations to extend functionality beyond its usual boundaries. Visualize your business processes right where you work, enhancing your efficiency.
  • Simplified Workflows: The best part? No more tab juggling. Everything is consolidated in one window, saving time and reducing confusion. Empower your reps with a tool that requires minimal training, streamlines workflows, and boosts data quality.

Enhanced Salesforce Integration: Leveraging Lightning Out for Customized Workflows

New Scheduling Enhancements

Efficient Booking for Google Users:
Auto-populate Google Meet Links

Save time with auto-populated Google Meet links in BookMe, streamlining the process for efficient link creation.

Efficient Booking for Google Users

Enhanced Invitee Experience:
Redirect to External URL

Upgrade confirmations by redirecting invitees to an external URL, adding customization for a seamless experience.

Enhanced Invitee Experience

Flexible Meeting Personalization:
Introducing Meeting Descriptions

Effortlessly customize your “Book Me” meetings by adding and updating meeting descriptions on the webpage.

Flexible Meeting Personalization