Salesforce Revenue Cloud: Is It Right For Your Business?

Take control of revenue growth across every channel

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Salesforce Revenue Cloud helps you manage your sales, marketing, and customer service operations from start to finish. With this tool, you can streamline your revenue lifecycle, drive business growth, and accelerate your bottom line.

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about Salesforce Revenue Cloud to determine if it’s the right fit for your business.

What is Salesforce Revenue Cloud?

Salesforce Revenue Cloud is a cloud-based revenue management platform that enables your company to manage customer relationships and revenue streams in one place. It provides a complete view of your customer lifecycle, from acquisition to retention, and offers powerful tools for managing subscription plans, pricing, invoicing, payments, and more.

How to Use Salesforce Revenue Cloud

The Salesforce Revenue Cloud has many amazing features that make it an incredibly powerful tool for growing your company.

For example, you can use it to:

  • Create new revenue streams. You can implement consumption pricing, launch a subscription product, or simply create a new type of product or service you’ve always wanted to offer.
  • Upsell and cross-sell. You can empower your team to make seamless contract amendments for add-ons, swaps, and upgrades so they can upsell and cross-sell confidently.
  • Manage revenue. The Salesforce Revenue Cloud makes it easy to identify when a sale has been made, which reduces the risk of revenue recognition errors and ensures that your financial statements are always accurate.
  • Gain better customer insights. With Revenue Cloud, you can track customers’ activities with your subscription products and use insights to improve their experience with you—and your bottom line.
  • Powerful analytics. Get insights into your business that help you make more informed decisions by combining data from across your organization.

Who Should Use Salesforce Revenue Cloud?

Salesforce Revenue Cloud, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, and other Salesforce products are designed for large organizations and enterprises. They’re ideal for companies that need to manage their sales and marketing efforts across multiple channels, geographies, and divisions. This is why Salesforce has been used by big companies like IBM, Mercedes-Benz, and PayPal.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud Pricing

Salesforce Revenue Cloud has two pricing plans: the CPQ plan, which costs $75/month, and the CPQ Plus plan, which costs $150/month. You can also sign up for its free trial before making a purchase decision.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud Alternative

While Salesforce Revenue Cloud offers many benefits, it can be expensive to implement and maintain. This can be the case for small businesses that are just starting out or have limited budgets.

Another disadvantage of using Salesforce Revenue Cloud is that you might need to hire an experienced consultant or developer to deploy the tool successfully. You may also face a steep learning curve and need a lot of time to familiarize yourself with the platform.

Due to these reasons, many companies have switched to Salesforce integration tools like Revenue Grid.

Designed specifically for Salesforce users, Revenue Grid is an easy-to-deploy platform for optimizing revenue management with real-time visibility into every stage of your sales process — from leads to contracts. Because Revenue Grid brings together all your company’s data sources (CRM, marketing automation, email marketing, etc.) into one place, it provides a single view into the entire customer lifecycle, including all touch points and activities.

Besides that, Revenue Grid also provides signals that effectively keep your team focused on the right things. The signals are context-aware, interactive alerts that tell your team what they need to do when it needs to be done and help them be more effective at their jobs.

For example, when a deal is about to stall, you’ll get an alert about it. The alert will include advice on handling the situation, so you can focus on moving forward instead of guessing why a deal stalled.

You’ll also get notifications on shifts in important sales metrics and AI-driven insights on what works best in each scenario.

If you’re ready to implement Revenue Grid for your business, you can sign up now for a free trial or contact our expert team for a free demo.