Top 10 opportunities weekly digest

Signal description

The revenue team and Sales Directors can receive a weekly overview of the top 10 significant deals projected to close within the week. This digest highlights crucial sales progress, ensuring focus on opportunities with the potential for the most significant immediate revenue impact.

How organizations use it

As a CRO or Sales Director at XYZ Corporation, you set the "Top 10 Deals Weekly Digest" to be delivered to your email every Monday morning. In your system, you configure the signal to rank opportunities based on their projected revenue and filter for deals expected to close within the current week and in the stage above 60%. The system will then automatically generate a digest of the top 10 deals each week and send it to your email.  

Why organizations use it

  • to stay updated on the most crucial deals, providing timely assistance or guidance if needed
  • to ensure that the management and leadership are well-informed about the immediate revenue potential in the pipeline

How the signal looks

In Revenue Grid Action Center:

In your Teams Revenue Grid Channel:

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