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Winter ‘19 Release

Find your productivity peak with the new adaptive UI that adjusts to your Salesforce
routine, seize our new mechanics of manually saving emails / attachments, and get a set
of fresh productivity features where the real selling gets done – your Inbox.

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New mechanics of manually saving emails & attachments

Save attachments to Salesforce objects

Save attachments not only to your Salesforce tasks but to the relevant Opportunities, Accounts, or any custom objects. All it takes is 1 tick.

Email Cropping

SmartCloud Connect now lets you save only the preferred email and not the entire thread behind it. Simply tick “Crop email” when saving it.

The adaptive UI that works for you

Get more flexibility over how you view and work with your Salesforce data from Outlook.
With the redesigned UI of SmartCloud Connect, now it’s even more convenient.


Role-based product configurations

Now you can adjust the UI of SmartCloud Connect so it exactly matches with your
business role. Different departments or even users can have dedicated product
configuration depending on what they use on the day-to-day basis.

Sales rep


  • Open Opportunities
  • Accounts
Sales manager


  • Closed Opportunities
  • Leads


  • Cases

Save emails to Salesforce
as .eml files

You can save your email threads and attachments to Salesforce in .eml format. Now all of your team members can easily reply to any email by opening .eml files via Outlook or Gmail directly from Salesforce.

Seize a neat Salesforce search

  • Hit in the sweet spot of your search history when needed;
  • Now you can specify what objects you would like to search
    through and dig through all indexed fields as well;

Delegated Calendars with no heavy lifting

With SmartCloud Connect, your assistants can easily manage Calendars, save and sync
events on your behalf. Plus, when scheduling meetings via email they can insert clickable
time-slots with your availability right into the email body.

For Salesforce Admins

  • Import/Export Add-In customization as a file;
  • Specify to which CRM objects your users can save emails to;
  • Seize contextual search filter depending on your business role;
  • Improved saving recurrent events;
  • Enforce Push Customization at scale, with the improved performance