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Fall` 18 Release

Fuel extended administration functions into your Salesforce routine, seize our beefed
up synchronization on your Android, without any installations, and make use of all the latest
productivity goodies for your sales & service teams.

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The only Salesforce Solution which is now officially supported on Outlook for Android

Now, all Android users can seize the functionality of Revenuegrid right within their Outlook. Our add-in is 100% native, so no additional installations are needed. Just click on the plus button in the add-ins list.

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Make your enterprise whitelist/blacklist
modifications a breeze

  • Whitelist/blacklist particular attachments formats, email
    domains, and addresses for your entire organization
  • Easily add and exclude internal email domains

And even more

  • Auto-populate Address from related Account when
    creating contacts right within the add-in
  • A Modify ‘Status’ field and any other fields (including
    custom ones) when saving emails
  • Support of Record type dependent pick-lists when
    saving emails
  • Remove Contacts from the add-in Customization panel


  • Set restrictions on the option to create/update new
    objects from within the customization panel
  • Edit file name when saving it from the add-in
  • Update Salesforce metadata on the background (e.g.
    pick-lists, record types, etc.)