Welcome to Spring’ 19 release

Spring ‘19 is jam-packed with features and improvements to help you and your entire
team sell more

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New Revenuegrid for Gmail

Gmail users can cheer with all-new integration that is packed with productive and revenue generating features

  • Configurable Auto sync of all sales activities to Salesforce
  • Customer insights from Salesforce right in your inbox
  • Calendar scheduling and personal booking page for more meetings

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The single most-wanted Sales
Data Synchronization

Finally, you can utilize the most customizable synchronization
options that match even the most capricious needs

  • Synchronize public calendars of your teams
  • Synchronize outbound emails only
  • Now even when they respond to your emails sent from
    Salesforce, they will be synchronized
  • Sync Engine now supports APEX commands allowing you to
    better fine tune auto creating and multi-matching
    capabilities for auto Sales data logging

Supercharged scheduling and calendaring machine

  • Project important dates from opportunities, cases, or any custom
    objects / fields onto Outlook calendar (1 way sync)
  • Import salesforce calendar details to Outlook meeting description
  • Save attendees as CRM leads from each event that lands in your
  • Seize our time-slots UI and let your recipients book meetings even
    more neatly

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Proactive ROI Value Check

Get the most out of your Salesforce with fresh and regular ROI check reports.

  • Track created and updated records in CRM by
    Revenuegrid users
  • Be sure that your Salesforce is always up-to-date
  • Control your sales team results, saved time, and
    money with SmartCloud

Synchronization Health Check

Now administrators can gain insights about SmartCloud Connect users health, take action on detected throttles and instantaneously get everything back on track

  • Monitor the Provisioning status of SmartCloud
    Connect users and Salesforce users
  • Spot when synchronization is stopped by error, not
    properly set up, or has been paused by a user or




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during this release

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