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Welcome to Summer ‘19 Release

We’ve been pounding Red Bulls, slamming back snacks, and intently
listening to every bit of feedback to make your productivity even more
amped-up! Hop right into all the updates inside RevenueGrid below.

Explore in Action

Real-time notifications about all customer engagements

Take actions instantly when your
prospects engage

No more hunches. Armed with real-time notifications, you’ll know exactly who, when, where, and on what device is engaged with your emails.

Full-featured customer engagements timelime

Complete engagement visibility,
from conversation to close

Now you can make sure every customer engagement has a firm next step. At a glance, you can see whether each conversation has a strong momentum, or if it’s fizzling out and needs your help

  • Aggregated threads view
  • Advanced engagements tracking:
    email openings, viewers, locations,
    devices, and more
  • Search by thread subjects, domains,
    emails, and more
  • Prioritized access and alerts on
    your pinned threads
Сustomized calendar availability sharing

Personalized calendar availability
fit to every customer

When you share your online booking page, you can now control
the time and days of the week you’re up to meetings.

  • No conflicts
  • Time restrictions
  • Days of the week availability customization
  • Avoid last minute meetings and give yourself enough time to prepare
  • Time zone detection
  • Customizable governance controls

Merged mass-availability sharing

Turn multi-tenant meeting bookings
into 1-to-1 affair

RevenueGrid is the treasure trove of your team’s meeting bookings. It analyzes your internal team availability and provides a merged calendar booking page for your external meeting attendees.

  • No double bookings
  • No back-and-forth
  • Shareable links
Advanced filtering rules for recipients/ attendees sync

Twofold smart data auto-capture for
emails and events

Improvements on top of enhanced emails

Save your enhanced emails to any
Salesforce Lead / Contact

For CRM Admins

  • Flexible configuration of Person Account creation in the Add-in
  • Manage default Add-in customization for new users of a specific Org/ tenant/ instance
  • Set specific “User urgent” when connecting to FWS
  • Expanded SSO configurations



Product improvements were implemented
during this release