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Welcome to Fall ‘19 Release

Remove the noise, increase your customer engagement and make
your entire team more effective.

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Attachment Multimatch

Automatically route your Outlook
attachments to the right Salesforce
Opportunities, Leads and Accounts in a bulk

With SmartCloud Connect, it’s finally possible to not only save
any email-related file/attachment to just one Opportunity, Lead,
Account, etc—but to as many as you need at one stroke.

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Instant Data Auto-capture

Take seconds of Calendar
synchronization out off your plate

API Update

Optimize your API use –
up to 50%

Calendar Availability Improvements

Put an end to meeting bookings
that come up out of the blue

You don’t want one of your open opportunities worth six figures to book a meeting with you right after you’ve woken up, right? With RevenueGrid you can set the minimal time span of how urgent people can book meeting with you, e.g. not earlier than 30 mins / 4 hrs from your current time, etc.
Other Calendar Improvements:

  • Booking page—now merges all
    availability of internal attendees
  • Private Outlook events sync
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Quick Save Option for Multiple Emails

Map multiple emails from your Outlook /
Gmail into Salesforce with 1 click

Want to save loads of emails in one fell swoop? Now you can do exactly that right from your Default Outlook Quick Actions Panel. Just tick the needed emails and tap on “Save to Salesforce”.

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Product improvements were implemented
during this release