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Welcome to the Winter ‘23 Release

Revenue Grid prepared special gifts for your sales & revenue teams this winter season. Spot revenue leakage early with
forecast cadences and evolution reports. Build better forecasting process, easily submit and override forecast numbers,
and perform greater forecast tracking and management.

Introducing sales forecast cadences

Build a rigorous and well-designed forecasting process with sales forecasting cadences. Provide sales and RevOps teams with insightful analytics for more predictable revenue and improve forecast accuracy

  • Standardize weekly, monthly, and quarterly forecast submission process across your team’s hierarchy (VPs, AЕs, Managers, reps)
  • Review your quota, override, and track changes across all forecast categories (Commit, Best Case, Pipeline, Booked revenue)
  • Submit and adjust individual and team forecasts for future periods
  • Create forecasts for a specific business segment (for example, new business)
  • Slice and dice any forecast by vertical, product, or time period.
  • Set up Revenue Signals to remind your team to submit forecasts on time. Update forecast figures in one click as soon as the opportunity category changes

Brand-new forecast evolution reports

Brand-new forecast evolution reports

See exactly where you’ll end your quarter with Salesforce-native forecast evolution reports. Easily track important changes to the forecast during any selected period.

  • Create reports for forecast categories (Commit, Best Case, Pipeline, Booked revenue)
  • Perform retrospective analysis per specific sales teams or reps
  • Understand what has changed since the previous week’s forecast call with a single click
  • Receive Revenue Signals about important changes in the forecast in real time

More configurability for your team performance reports

Create customized activity filters in your team performance reports. No need to sync all Salesforce activities, choose the ones that matter for your team.

  • Build team performance reports for any activity type (calls, meetings, emails)
  • Create customized filters for any activity available in Salesforce
  • Choose Salesforce activity types you want to sync automatically
  • Make unique filters for specific activity type (for example, LinkedIn Sales Navigator)

Advanced reporting for sequences

Gain insights on how your sales reps interacted with prospects in the last quarter, month, or week. Team reports allow sales managers to see how effective sales teams are in their nurturing efforts.

  • Monitor sales reps activities like emails and calls per sequences
  • See what activities helped sales reps to engage prospects
  • Review recently-contacted prospects

Better task management in Email Sidebar

Streamline your day-to-day sales activities using Revenue Signals. Prioritize tasks in one click, always reply to your emails on time, and never lose track of important email threads.

  • Get notified about new important Signals in the Sidebar
  • Prioritize your tasks with new flagged Signals
  •  Bolster stalled conversations with a Stale Thread Reminder
  • Configure Signals following your organization requirements in admin settings
  • Use specific Signal to send digest of sync issues for multiple organizations

Introducing sync of Microsoft Teams events from Salesforce to Outlook

Create meetings in Salesforce with automatically generated Microsoft Teams meeting link. Then instantly sync these events between Salesforce and Outlook calendars.

  • Avoid duplicates in calendars and never miss an important meeting again
  • Create meetings in Salesforce calendar and automatically generate link to Microsoft Teams
  • Instantly sync events between Salesforce and Outlook calendars, and Microsoft Teams

More productivity with “Book me”

Contact auto-creation with phone number

A new Salesforce contact will be created when user books a meeting using Book Me page with a phone number


Time reminder for scheduled meeting

Set up specific time to remind yourself about the next scheduled meeting


“Book me” link in sequences

Generate “Book me” link with specific parameters (email, name, phone) for the whole sequence