Welcome to the
Spring ‘23 Release

We are excited to share the latest updates to Revenue Grid that will help to grow your revenue faster than ever. We’ve listened to your feedback and made several enhancements to improve your experience with our software.

Introducing the Revenue Leaks Funnel

See where and why revenue leaks may happen within your pipeline at a glance with the Salesforce-native out-of-the-box Revenue Leaks Funnel. Help sales and RevOps teams to magically spot invisible revenue leaks, understand where they occur during the selected period, and measure the magnitude of the leaks happening across the pipeline.

  • Get a real-time look at how your opportunities progress from one stage to the other in a specific time period
  • See the average period that the opportunity spends at each stage and get a detailed overview of the conversion of opportunities between stages
  • Understand opportunities’ evolution throughout the period and spot slipped deals in time—so you can get them back on track
  • Spot and measure the value of the revenue leaks at each opportunity stage
  • Understand what has changed since the previous weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly pipeline review with a single click

Compare forecasts over time with new forecast evolution reports

Compare different fiscal periods in the forecast chart. Easily track important changes to forecasts and adjust your revenue projections accordingly.

  • Automatically compare your current quarter projections to the previous period week by week
  • Understand what has changed since the previous week’s forecast call with a single click
  • Perform retrospective analysis per specific sales team or rep
  • See the patterns across the forecast categories over time and detect any trends in revenue leakage

More flexibility and customization in your Signals Builder

Easily customize Revenue Signals to your sales workflow yourself without technical assistance. Use our Signals Builder to create custom signals of specific types and assign custom recipients to these signals. See examples of the custom signals for various recipient types below.

  • Custom Recipient: Account Executive assigns webinar leads to BDR (custom recipient) who has to process them first and add leads to the specific post-event sequence
  • Sales Leader: an opportunity was created with the value exceeding $50,000
  • Sales Manager: the opportunity is less than 15 days away from the close date and is at the “Proposal Price Quote” stage
  • Sales Representative: the Lead was created more than 30 days ago, but has not been contacted yet

New sequence management enhancements

Add prospects directly from Salesforce

Search and add Salesforce contacts and/or leads to the sequence in several clicks


Add Prospect owner as a step owner in sequence

Set up “Prospect owner” as a step owner to the multi-owned sequence


Pause a sequence for a certain period

Set up dates to stop all the sequence activities for a specific sequence owner


Improved “Book me” confirmation page

We’ve made some enhancements to the “Book Me” confirmation page so you can customize scheduling meetings to fit the way you work, save time and avoid errors.

  • Add new fields to the booking confirmation page: text field, label, checkbox, etc.
  • Automatically fill in the email and name fields on the “Book me” confirmation page for the recurrent events
  • Set specific phone numbers as required fields for “Book me” recipients

Custom sync of event categories from Outlook to Salesforce

Create events in Outlook with a specific “Categories” type field. Then instantly sync these events between Outlook and Salesforce calendars, assigning them to a certain field in Salesforce. Finally, create your own Revenue Signals to run individual workflow related to these categories. See an example below.

  • Step 1: Sales manager schedules a meeting with a lead in Outlook. This lead has a category “Marketing campaign”
  • Step 2: Once the meeting is scheduled, this event automatically syncs to the manager’s Salesforce Calendar
  • Step 3: The new signal appears in the manager’s Signals Feed: for example, remind the customer about the meeting one day before

Such a workflow would work for all webinar leads in a specific marketing campaign processed by a sales team.

New enhancements in the sync engine

Custom sync of Contacts for Salesforce users

Apply complex rules for the synchronization of Contacts from Salesforce to Outlook

Archive category for a one-time events sync

Assign “Archive” category to one-off events in Outlook, which are no longer synced to Salesforce

Strict two-way attendee sync

Instantly sync the list of a meeting’s attendees from Outlook to Salesforce and vice versa