Welcome to the Fall ‘22 Release

Introducing the newest Revenue Grid features and improvements this Fall: brand-new pipeline evolution reports,
enhanced Signals Builder for effortless management of your sales process, multi-ownership of sequences, and much more

Introducing pipeline evolution reports

Bring unique visibility to your sales pipeline for more predictable revenue. Pipeline evolution reports allow sales leaders to see the pipeline growth during a selected period.

  • See the total pipeline value at the beginning and end of a selected period
  • Check the amount of opportunities per stage
  • Analyze opportunities across Forecast Categories
  • Understand the Forecast Category and Opportunity Stage relationship

Unique no-code Signals Builder for any process or use case

Create your own Revenue Signals from scratch without any coding for Accounts, Contacts, Leads, or Opportunities. Easily customize them to your Salesforce workflow without developers’ assistance. See core Signals examples for each team member below:

  • for Sales Managers: opportunity stage has changed to “proposal price quote”
  • for Sales Ops: new Lead was not contacted for 24 hours after creation
  • for Sales Reps: schedule a call with interested prospect in 2 days
  • for AEs: opportunity is less than 10 days away from close date

More actionable Revenue Signals to amplify your sales strategy

Use contextual Revenue Signals to create unique sales strategies or coaching recommendations for any sales contributor.

  • Initiate a specific Salesforce Flow with Signals
  • Email or call prospects right from the Signals Feed
  • Utilize Signals as Salesforce task reminders with specific time and date
  • Use interactive Revenue Signals for coaching recommendations

Advanced Signals management in Email Sidebar

Access the entire Signals ecosystem within the Email Sidebar. Create, manage and dismiss Signals for any Salesforce object, email or event.

  • Create Revenue Signals right from an email or event in the Sidebar
  • Relate Signals to the required Salesforce object (Lead, Contact, etc.)
  • Monitor related Signals for each Opportunity
  • Manage, resolve, or dismiss Signals right from the Sidebar

Brand-new multi-ownership for sequences

Add different owners for separate steps in the same sequence to maximize your sales team’s nurturing efforts.

  • Assign owners per sequence step among all team members
  • Delegate prospect-related emails, SMS, or phone calls to team members
  • Add or change steps in a sequence at any time
  • Follow recommendations from your Sales Ops on the sequence flow

Brand-new synchronization settings UI and UX

Easily manage your centralized sync settings and adapt them to your sales org’s requirements.

  • Configure sync settings at organizational and individual level
  • See all relevant information about sync issues in one place
  • Check the last sync session details in one click
  • Resolve or dismiss sync issues right from the sync settings UI

Improved “Book me” settings for easier meeting scheduling

Manage new default settings to customize meetings scheduling to the way you work.

  • Manage “Book me” default settings in one place
  • Automate the subject format for any meeting
  • Specify meeting subject from email or add it manually
  • Link default meeting subject to email subject or vice versa

Introducing the sync issues management


Mark a sync issue as dismissed and do not show it to the user even if it remains within a sync scope

Set an expiration period

Remove the issue from the sync scope if
it is not resolved by the end of the set expiration date

See first occurrence date

Understand when
each specific sync case occurred for the first time

Generic filters