Welcome to the Winter ‘22 Release

Revenue Grid prepared special gifts for your sales team this winter season. Welcome a new batch of Revenue Signals,
revenue attribution reporting, enhanced scheduling and other cool updates in this release

Revenue Grid products under one umbrella

To make your experience with Revenue Grid better, we’ve united all our products under a single brand name “Revenue Grid”.

Introducing the newest Revenue Signals

Here’s a new batch of AI-based alerts to help your team execute better, close deals faster
and win more often


Faster coaching with Signals related to Salesforce objects

Alert your sales reps about specific actions on Contacts, Leads, Opportunities or Accounts and monitor their performance

  • Assign required Signal to team member
  • Relate your Signals to specific Salesforce object (Account, Opportunity, Contact, Lead)
  • Monitor team members’ activity on these Signals


Personalize your engagement efforts with Signals as a sequence step

Customize your sequences with personalized recommendations and use them as steps in nurturing campaigns. Never forget important follow-ups and make your nurturing more personalized than ever

  • Set up personalized Signals as a sequence step
  • Receive Signals at the right time of the nurturing campaign
  • Monitor how your reps act on these Signals

Revenue attribution reporting for sequences

Discover which sequences make greater impact on pipeline and see exactly how much revenue each sequence per each rep generate

  • Find the most successful sequences in your pipeline
  • See exactly how much revenue each sequence generates
  • Get granular reporting on sequences, content, and team

Call your contacts directly from Salesforce

Gain back hours of productivity by communicating more efficiently with prospects and customers. Make calls directly from Salesforce and automatically log them to proper Salesforce records

  • Call from Salesforce through Twilio in one click
  • Automatically capture call data in Salesforce
  • Log all Microsoft Teams calls with clients to Salesforce automatically

New scheduling customization options

Customize the scheduling settings according to your requirements. Choose optional attendees, meetings’ duration and other parameters for smoother workflows

  • Generate book me link with up to three duration options
  • Allow meeting attendees to invite guests (as optional attendees) to the meeting
  • Manage your own availability excluding busy time slots while creating a Bookme link
  • Add your colleagues as optional meeting attendees when you’re scheduling a meeting


Greater productivity with Revenue Grid & Salesforce integration

Adapt Revenue Grid & Salesforce integration to the way you work with delegation in Salesforce send out widget and other custom improvements

  • Delegate emails sending from Salesforce UI
  • Suppress the Salesforce lead assignment rules in sequences
  • Multiple emails/phone numbers support for sequences
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