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Welcome to the Fall ‘21 Release

Introducing the newest Revenue Grid features and improvements this Fall: Signals Builder for the effortless management
of your sales process, fresh Revenue Signals, improved outreach functionality, and much more

Build your own Revenue Signals to manage
sales process even more effectively

Use Signal Builder to easily tailor the Signals to your workflows and processes. Create and resolve Signals at any stage of the sales process, prioritize actions for your sales team and gain more controllability of the sales process

  • Create your own Revenue Signals for each deal stage, sales rep, playbook step
  • Flag key Signals to help your team focus better
  • Assign different Revenue Signals to different teams

Find gaps in communication easier

Analyze customer communication easier at any stage of the deal cycle, getting automatic notifications on gaps and pauses for each opportunity

  • Filter opportunities with no activity or no recent activity
  • Receive notifications on the deals with lastest activity 14 days ago or later
  • Get alerts on active opportunities without a single follow-up activity or task

Most-engaging sequences and templates

We have created brand-new Revenue Signals that help analyze your most
engaging sequences and templates to keep the ball rolling with your

  • Understand the engagement per each your sequence and template
  • Get specific Signals on the most effective sequences and templates
  • Scale the best-performing sequences and templates

More personalization options

Personalize your sequences right from the start or at any stage of the sales process to get higher response rates

  • Personalize certain steps for specific recepients in the same sequence
  • Add your personal online booking link to the templates you use
  • Mention the {{last communication day}} in your next email

Full-scale support of Salesforce reports for sequences

Manage your sequence recepients easily using any criteria from Salesforce reports

  • Add new Leads and Contacts to sequences from Saleforce reports
  • Update data on sequences from SFDC reports every hour

More simplicity to your nurturing efforts

Help your team to optimize their nurturing efforts. Construct unique combination of manual and automatic outreach steps to streamline engagement efforts

  • Filter key engagement activities per each prospect
  • Set up the limit for manual nurturing activities to optimize the reps workflow
  • Execute sequence steps immediatedly using “Run-now” button
Calendar Sync

Improved scheduling with Delegated Calendars

Automate meeting scheduling with expanded Delegated Calendars functionality & two-way instant Salesforce sync

  • Give access to your Salesforce Calendar in a click
  • Allow BDRs to schedule meetings on behalf of AEs
  • Instantly sync Salesforce events into Outlook/Gmail Calendars and vice versa

Privacy & Security

Higher data security with Microsoft Graph API

Get full advantage of Microsoft Graph data access control management and security while working with Microsoft Office 365 via Revenue Grid

  • Turn on impersonation login to set up sync to Salesforce on behalf of end-user
  • Syncronize MS Outlook contacts in Revenue Grid using Microsoft Graph
  • Syncronize Microsoft “To-do” tasks in Revenue Grid using MS Graph

For a complete list of all new functionality, including how-to guides
and technical details, please visit the docs.revenuegrid.com