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Welcome to the Summer ‘21 Release

Introducing the hottest Revenue Grid features and improvements of the summer: official release of our MS Teams bot,
enterprise-level engagement, a big speed boost in performance, and much more

Email Sidebar

Boost in Revenue Inbox performance

We’ve boosted Revenue Inbox performance by 25%. That
means your Email Sidebar is now running at top speed: it
loads faster, data gets updated and captured faster, and
your overall experience is that much smoother

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Signals on Engagement

Work with your most engaged leads

We have created a brand-new Revenue Signal that brings your most engaged prospects to the surface so that you can email them, jump on a zoom call, and keep the ball rolling

  • See your top engaged leads from the get go
  • Add them to a separate sequence or send personalized messages
  • Follow up on their interest right away and move the deal forward
Revenue Signals

Create Signals right from the Pipeline View

Create new Revenue Signals as soon as you think of them. You can now add a new Signal, assign it, or resolve it directly from the Pipeline View in a single click

  • Specify what needs to be done
  • Choose the signal’s impact as positive, negative, or neutral
  • The Signal will be automatically assigned to the opportunity owner

Microsoft Teams Integration

It’s a… Bot!

Great news! Revenue Signals now have their own Microsoft Teams Bot, bringing the full power of Revenue Grid right to your fingertips

  • Get all Revenue Signals in a dedicated Microsoft Teams channel
  • Set up separate Revenue Signals channels for different sales teams
  • Send dedicated Signals to a personal or related-opportunity channel
Revenue Signals

Improved Signals experience


See all active Signals per each sales representative in separate Signals tab


Proactively guide reps within opportunities, creating the necessary Signals at each step of the deal


Mute or unmute Signals for the whole team, track, and configure them according to your org’s goals

Team Performance

Granular Team Analytics

You can now see and analyze statistics for all team activities performed in a certain time period according to your Salesforce organizational structure

  • Call tracking and stats per rep, team, or for the whole sales org
  • Stats on Engagements, Opportunities, Accounts, and Signals per team
  • Individual activity stats on calls, emails, and meetings per rep

Sales Forecasting

Forecast risk assessment

Now you can x-ray your forecast and see how many opportunities are in each forecast category (good, need attention or at risk)

  • Immediately see what amount of committed forecast is at risk
  • Drill down the deal to understand why there’s risk and how serious the threat is
  • Set up triggers to sound the alarm when the opportunity is lagging behind
Relationship Intelligence

LinkedIn profiles in Relationship charts

Contact details now display information from the prospects’ LinkedIn profiles, including their current job title and a direct link to their page

  • Don’t miss important people who need to be involved in communications
  • Match data from email signatures with LinkedIn profiles
  • Use new information to build stronger relationships with Accounts

Outreach Functionality

Personalize sequences with instant follow-ups

Crank personalization up to 11. For example, set up a follow-up email with a specific attachment 20 minutes after your first email, to increase the chance of engagement from your prospect

Sequence Insights

Know what content works best

Analyze what type of content like templates, attachments, or pitches
performed best in each sequence in the last 30 days

  • Check success and reply rates per sequence
  • Identify the best working content inside each sequence
  • Get Signals on the top-performing sequences and templates

Automated Nurturing

Sequence templates in your Inbox

Now you can use your sequence templates right in your Inbox. The merge fields will work in these templates adding complete Salesforce data to any template

  • Use your best-performing templates without leaving your Inbox
  • Use both Salesforce templates and your own customized templates
  • Personalize your emails using Salesforce data right from your Inbox
Enterprise-Ready Engagement

Delegation management company-wide

Admin users can now set up delegation rights for the whole team or company. They can share planners between specific users as well as control corporate signatures

  • Delegate full control of any user’s engagement to any other user
  • Build templates for corporate signatures used by default for all users
  • Use any Salesforce merge fields in corporate signatures

Sequence Management

Planner enhancements

Streamlined user experience in Engagement Planner with new, simplified interface

  • Clearing the planner after the finish of the sequence
  • Adding visual explanation in planner for each item present
  • Keep only the most recent replies to each active thread in sequences
Smart Data Auto-Capture

Multiple “Related to” relationships in Salesforce

Forget the ongoing Salesforce duplicates problem. With Revenue Grid you can easily relate any record like an email or a meeting to multiple objects

  • Automatically link any record to multiple objects, even custom ones
  • No duplicates in Salesforce ever again
  • Ensure accurate reporting and data hygiene in Salesforce

Admin Improvements

Little things with big value for Admins

We continue to make Admin’s work a piece of cake, following the highest privacy and
security standards in the industry

  • Automatic user deletion with Azure webhook
  • Support of Contacts synchronization for MS Graph
  • Sync of recurring events with Google Calendar

For a complete list of all new functionality, including how-to guides
and technical details, please visit the