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Welcome to the Spring ‘22 Release

From sequences daily digest to customizable Book Me links, here’s all the freshest Revenue Grid features and
improvements to grow your revenue even faster this Spring

Introducing the freshest Revenue Signals duo

We’ve added brand new Signals to help your team close deals faster and win more with

Create your Signals in the Microsoft Teams Bot

Now, you can build your own Signals or assign specific Signals from your Teams Bot.

  • Create custom Revenue Signals from Microsoft Teams Bot
  • Assign Revenue Signals to different sales teams from the Bot
  • Manage your Signals without having to switch between apps

Introducing the sequences daily digest

Gain complete visibility into the state of your active and inactive sequences every day with the daily digest.

  • See the total number of active and inactive sequences
  • See the number of emails sent yesterday & emails scheduled for today
  • Spot overdue items in your planner

More powerful template management

See the total number of templates used in Sequences and the top-performing templates your teams use. Know which sequences are endorsed and recommended by admins for your team’s use.

  • Organize and categorize templates using template tags
  • Know the most used template in Sequences
  • See last day a template was linked to a sequence step
  • Admins can endorse and recommend top-performing sequences to the team

Deeper integration with Salesforce Campaigns

Guess what? We’ve made our integration with Salesforce even deeper to make campaign support easier for you.

  • Effortlessly select recipients from Salesforce campaigns
  • Automatically import Leads and Contacts to Revenue Grid
  • See open rates, reply rates, and total number of clicks per campaign

New role filter for People Chart contacts

You can now filter contact details to display the contact roles of prospects to spot key decision makers in the People Chart.

  • Focus only on personas with contact roles
  • Auto-collect title & details from Linkedin if absent in email signature
  • Use new information to drive deeper relationships with Accounts

Windows-integrated authentication support

We now support Windows-integrated authentication, allowing you to log in to your Email Sidebar and Sync Engine in one click; no need to manually input your password.

  • Full support of new authentication option for Revenue Grid users
  • Log in to your Email Sidebar and Sync Engine in one click
  • On-prem deployment, EWS, and Exchange on premise supported

Even more improvements and updates

Support of calendar custom objects

You can now automatically save events not as tasks, but as custom Interaction Objects in Salesforce

Book Me redesign

The Book Me widgets are now more beautiful, easier to use, and fully mobile friendly


One-click email saves

It’s now visible in the sidebar when emails are or aren’t saved to a particular object—simply click once to save